It’s The First Woody Boater Bottom’s Up Party! Saturday-There Will Be Strippers..

Stay tuned tomorrow for another last minute fun Woody Boater  party. We are calling it “The Bottoms Up Party” at Fellow Woody Boaters Jim Scotts barn. The boatress has her new overalls, and scraper. That’s right, the party is to strip off the bottom of Jims small pre war utility, Beer, burgers, chili and a bunch of folks with power drills.. What could possibly go wrong? If you are in the area of Fredricksburg /Warrington, VA, and want to see how a bottom is removed.. or teach us how to do it right…email me. and remember it’s BYYOD Bring your own drill.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Currently down in TN on vacation. Thought I’d look for a barn find in my free time. So far only only Jack barrels. Anyone ever bring a barrel with period correct outboard to a show? Leave a little in the bottom to keep it swelled and for libation. Will pass thru VA on Monday, maybe a side trip to see how well the WoodyBoatress strips. Never realized that the adds on Craigs List were for boat restoration services. They must use the stripper poles to help turn the boats over.

  2. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    On a serious note – if that bottom paint has any anti-fouling properties or is old, lead-based stuff, masks and gloves are something everyone should be using.

  3. thomas d.
    thomas d. says:

    i’ve been looking at the bottom of my 16′ Garwood for 2 months, just can’t seem to get started. i have removed a total of 2 screws. at this rate i’ll be lucky to have it ready for the ACBS annual meeting.

  4. Bud Long
    Bud Long says:

    Well! Happy New Year to All. We are enjoying beautiful Oakridge, Oregon with somewhat of a full flood going on after a Dec. here with no rain. Now we are at the confluence of the North and Middle Forks of the Willamette river and boy is it rollin after 4 days of real Oregon rain. In the meantime ,First Date is happily put back together after being hit by a deer in NY at Lake Chautauqua and in the garage in Akron. We are here until the 6th after a great Christmas with the grandboys. Great work on the Woody Boater site. Love it and the stories, but dont get me started.


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