Juneteenth, An Important Day I That I Didn’t Know About.

A day to reflect

If you are looking for boat photos, sorry, today I have chosen to learn a little more about the world around me. Understanding makes me feel calmer and more in control to be honest. I try and avoid the news and in fact just keep the TV off these days. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand, it’s just the way its all presented for ratings and drama. It’s divisive and not helpful.


But through the cracks of information overload, I did learn about Juneteenth, and am moved. This is a day thats worthy of a celebration. And deep frustration. For those of you just hearing about this. Here is a Link on Wiki, to help. 

Look around!

I think if you read this, it will help, because a little understanding goes a long way. This isn’t politics, it’s humanity. It’s right and wrong, and we are better than all this crap going on. We are A United States, not a Divided States.

This photo says so much if you understand it. A blue stained boat, when all were white of mahogany. An owner from New Zealand on a lake in New Jersey. How small our planet is. And yet, all together in a peaceful moment in harmony.

The same goes for the Pandemic. It’s not a Blue state or Red state pandemic. It doesn’t care who you are, or what you believe in.  And if you understand it, a little understanding might save the life of someone you love. Our fellow Man!

Two different engines, each turning a different direction, and yet working in harmony to move us all forward!

I am going for a boat ride today and reflect on the reflections of the goodness our universe gives us. Thanks for allowing me to wonder off topic.


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  1. Syd
    Syd says:

    It is amazing how soothing it can be when looking at them just tied to the dock on a peaceful evening

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Well said Matt. If I may offer one single thought from New Zealand it’s this. As my little country of 5 million people battled this wretched Covid 19 virus all messages from our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern ended with ‘ Be Kind.’ It became a guiding reminder for us when things got frustrating or worrying that we were all in the same boat together so regardless of your predicament, be kind. I’d never heard that instruction from government before. Humility turned out to be unity.

  3. Howard Lehman
    Howard Lehman says:

    Juneteenth is indeed an extremely important day to know, reflect upon, honor and celebrate. Very well stated Matt. Thanks

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