Katz’s Update!

Evaline is safe. Quite possibly the worlds top Barrel Back!

Evaline is safe. Quite possibly the worlds top Barrel Back!

For those of you that have been following the horrific devastation in New Jersey, we have an update as promised. What will Katz’s do? Will they shut down, will they bag Florida? Here at Woody Boater there was never any question, but I know this has been a topic behind the scenes. To answer these questions we contacted Seth as he was at the Cove storage facility this morning.

Are you going to Florida? “YES” Katz’s will be in Florida and make the show in true Katz’s fashion. Stay tuned for which boats will make it.

Are You Rebuilding? As Seth put it,”there are families that depend on this business being a strong business, there is a community that is missing a historic building. We will rebuild. We will be a stronger because of this.”  I joked to Seth that I always wondered what a building would look like with 20 coats of varnish on it?

What Boats Were Damaged? “The answer to this is still unclear. It is impossible to get into the building since its still in a weak state. With more snow coming its unsafe to go though there. ”

Was everything Insured? “Absolutely, the building, and the contents inside. All covered.” For those of us that know Seth, this was never a question by the way.”Hagerty is on stand buy as well until the boats can be pulled out. It will need to be with a crane removing the roof, piece by piece.” UGH!

Are you aware that people out their are rooting for you? “We are, we have read all the comments and are moved by the many supporters from all over the world. The community here on Lake Hopatcong has been wonderful and very supportive by all coming over and asking if they can help. The Woody Boater community is amazing as well, and the comments are a huge part of the healing process, we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. THANK YOU! ”

Thayer IV, Safe.

Thayer IV, Safe.

I will add after the brief interview, the Katz’s family was and is devastated by this. It is a family business made up of some amazing people that are a family. In true New Jersey fashion, their sense of humor is in full swing trying to just grasp all this. But also in true New Jersey fashion, rebuilding bigger and better is in their blood.




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  1. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    Thanks for the continued up dates…Good to know Katz will be at Tavares. It will give his many friends a chance to personally express their feelings. Maybe by then he can put on an impromptu seminar on what to do in such rare cases.

  2. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Good to hear that spirits are still high in this devastating situation. I hope they can over come this quickly and get back to building the new history of the community. The situation is unfortunately not rare this winter this is the third one I heard of in the last couple days. We had a local roof go down with 3 boats antique boats in it. All that I can say is shovel your roofs if you can, we have had 170 inches of snow in northern Michigan and more on the way. Good luck

  3. ranger
    ranger says:

    Our thoughts have been with Mr. Seth and his “entire family” since learning of this. We’ve been truly thankful no one was hurt.

    Our thoughts have also been with the owners of these boats as well, can’t imagine how they’ve been feeling…sure some will say…”they are only boats” but we all here in Woodyboaterville know that’s not true.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I am sure the new Katz marina Phoenix building will be a sight to see. There is a ton of work ahead, some losses yet to be fully discovered and mourned, but the future is bright and they are certain to get there.

  5. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    If at any time in the clean up process there will be a need for some extra hands that appreciate the value of what is involved, let me know. I think a road trip of Michigan WoodyBoaters could be arranged.

  6. Terry Fiest
    Terry Fiest says:

    Things like this seem to make friends and family pull together to overcome what Mother Nature can do—please know that all your friends at the Sunnyland Boat Show are with all of you in thoughts and prayers and we look forward to seeing all of you in Florida—All the best, Terry

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