Kirby Paint Co, And Going Above And Beyond! I LOVE THIS COMPANY!


SWEET PEA Rests on the quality of Kirby

Last week I was in the throws of having Sweet Pea painted at Butler Railway in Reedville. I only have weekends to deal with it, and the team on the boat was about to go to the paint stage. We needed paint. And picking a white in my world of obsessive color disorder is crazy. But!!!!!

The primer used was PERFECT! I am slam dead on. Pettit Primer 6914. But no white that color. And I wanted Kirby’s Paint anyway, so I called Kirby’s ( George Kirby Paint Company) and explained my dilemma. Now what I am about to tell you, there is no way in hell anyone else would have done this.

Oddly the primer color is perfect

George did not have that color as a sample. I was up in DC, boat in Reedville. Another week to send a sample. So George said he would take care of it. Turns out George went to West Marine and bought a can of Pettit Primer 6914 and did the sample himself. I am not sure how to express the thanks and gratitude I have for that. It made them a life long supplier, hell, made them a partner in my on going projects.

Being sanded. New Rudder shaft, two new planks, and bottom stripped.

Its not just about the paint being high quality, but the passion, the customer service and support. I have no idea what the cost was. It s that good of an experience. I wish WoodyBoater had a 10 Star rating for such businesses. I would give them an 11.

To obscure of a joke? If you have never seen Spinal Tap, you have homework this weekend. TRUST US! Best Film EVER! I give it three thumbs up.

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  1. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I’ve only seen This is Spinal Tap thirty two times. I’ve always used one line as words of wisdom to my advertising agency creative staff: “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever.”

    I’m sure you can relate, Mr. Smith.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    HAHAHAH! I use the same line at work. One of the reasons I love doing WoodyBoater is I get to wallow in the stupid area! It’s freeing. After all, you never know where that line is until you cross it.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    The Cobra in in Route to NJ. No news. This was actually happening in real time. We do not know numbers, or any other detail. Yes this is the slowest strip tease of all time.

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    I guess I have some homework now. Have never seen Spinal Tap. It won’t be this weekend though as Sandi and I are flying to Norfolk VA for the AGLCA Spring Rendezvous. We will be meeting up with John in VA at Queens Creek Marina on Sunday if anyone else is in the area.

    Not from Spinal Tap, but I like to use the statement “There is a fine line between Hast Makes Waste and Snooze You Lose”

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I’ll take paint drying over Cobras any day. They are easily my least favorite of the Chris Craft runabout designs. I have always thought of it as the camel of boats, looking like it was designed by a committee, but perhaps the fine line between stupid and clever was crossed! 😀

    BTW, I have no problem with obsessing over getting the right white. When paired with other colors, the wrong hue of white looks terrible. You can see that from half a mile away, much more critical than a zipper pull!

    • Randy
      Randy says:

      … ahhhhh, CC Cobras are kind of like my first car — a ’55 Speedster (back in ’63). Not particularly attractive back in the day, nor practical in our typical Pacific NW fall/winter/spring weather. But after sitting in the driveway it kind of grew on you after a while with that classic look.

      Same with the Cobra — it definitely takes an eye for that unique style (and impracticality).

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Troy has great pic of American Beauty behind the Kirby Can….and his quote is the better of the two!
    Looking forward to being with him and Sandi on Sunday in Ole Va on the Ches Peak Bay!

    John in Va.

  7. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Spinal Tap is the greatest “almost” mainstream satire ever put to film, bar none.


  8. David C.
    David C. says:

    SWEET PEA – I’ve seen your boat at Butler’s all summer. I’ve got a present for you if you are interested in an old Wittholz catalog that shows your boat in it. I’ll drop it by this weekend if you are there.

    BTW – great choice on Kirby’s – its the only paint I use on my lobster boat.

      • David C
        David C says:

        Yep, I’m free range lobster ranching on a couple hundred acres of Chesapeake Bay bottom. I imported European breeder lobsters to get started.

  9. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Just got some Kirby green this week. I’ll wear my WoodyBoater shirt as I’m sure I will not get any on it.

  10. Rick F
    Rick F says:

    I used Kirby Sand Tan on my Lyman floor boards for the first time last year and I can’t say enough about the paint and the people. Great product and a very helpful staff!!!

  11. David C
    David C says:

    SWEET PEA – I missed you on Sat, but I dropped the Wittholz plans catalog on your boat. Hope you got it.

    The boat looks great. Congrats.

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