Krampus In Woodyboaterville. Run Troy, Run!

Wonderful lights and costumes

Well, last night we went to one of the many parades that take place in New Orleans. This time it was a Krampus Parade. Although December 5th is the official day of Krampus, For those of you wondering what in the heck, or hell actually Krampus is. He is the other side of St Nicholas. Or Santa in our American culture. Krampus would come out and take the children that we naughty.  Anyway, New Orleans seems like the perfect place to meet him.

Before the parade, sitting at a resturant and enjoying the mild weather

The colors and lights make this a wonderful colorful event

Krampus does exercise on his bike

This Krampus was actually scary and had a large net and was screaming for your naughty children.

Meet Angry Lil Santa, he was walking around maybe a little drunk.

Another Krampus

She was amazing

Everyone gets into it


Thank god we had some angles there

St Nick did apear.