Last Gasp Week Starts With The Perfect Chesapeake Bay Run!

A beautiful day out on the Chesapeake Bay in an authentic Wood 1960’s Wood Deadrise. Thanks Jim. Soon to be named “Clarence’s Creation”.

Welcome ladies and others to the official Hagerty Woody Boater 2012 last gasp week. Today marks the day that we celebrate our last gasp runs of the year. It doesn’t have to be the very last run, but the last memorable one. The one were you sat there in your trusty..or not trusty craft and thought. It just does not get any better than this. This weekend was amazing here in Virginia and was made for such runs. 70 and no wind. Low hanging sun and good pals. We were lucky enough to score a ride on fellow WoodyBoater Jim Schafer’s first run on his latest water Craft. A perfect classic 1960’s Stanford Deadrise.

This stunning Stanford Deadrise has spent her life in a boat house, owned by a navy man. Lets just say that she is ship shape! New 350 motor purrs like a kitten, a 1000 lb kitten!

Jim at the aft helm. of his new craft. That is one Happy man!

The layout of the Stanford Deadrise. PERFECT fishing boat!


Made it to the dock safely and all is being set up in her new boathouse for the short Virginia Winter. Unless next week is nice…

You may recall we did a story some time back on Stanford Marine Railway. Clarence Stanford was regarded by many as the premiere deadrise builder in the area. And from the looks of this one, you can see why. Its amazing. A nice 2 hour cruise from Kilmarnock Va to Reedville made a perfect ending to boating season on the Bay for us. Unless it warms up again… Send in your shots today.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    What a gorgeous work boat. No brightwork to worry about and every bit as beautiful as a Garwood Triple in its own way. Good luck and calm waters.

  2. ranger
    ranger says:

    name change, really?

    i think Ginger is an absolutely wonderful name for a boat, horse, dog, cat…woodyboater!

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I have my pic of two kids and me in a whirlwind on this sat.

    but don’t know how to upload it???? I do know it was a picture perfect boating day…and today is too!!!

    someone tell me how to post the pic and I will…..the two kids are not here..they would know….

    John in Va.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      See now you’re assuming that us mere mortals are allowed to post. I believe it’s necessary to email them to Matt or Texx. Probably they have deep seated control issues.

  4. Jim Schafer
    Jim Schafer says:

    Matt, I just returned to civilization with internet. Nice job with the article and showing the boat. What a great day for a boat ride! I am glad that you were able to break free and join us.

    Ranger, “Ginger” is a great name, but when I’m asked how she became Ginger, I will always have to say it was named after the former owners wife. Clarence and Mary Virginina Stanford are very close friends and dear to my heart. Clarence taught me everything I know about repair, care, and feeding of old wooden boats. When he passed away in 2006, I always wanted to find one of his boats. I called Mary Virginia up last week before picking up the boat, and told her that I found one of Clarence’s. I told her that I was going to rename her and asked if she could guess the name (Mary Virginina was not an option because her name is already used on a Clarence built boat). She paused for a minute and said “Linda” – my future bride come June 2013. I said no and that I was going to name her “Clarence Creation.” I could tell that she was getting a little emotional (happy) over the phone so I changed the subject. Mary Virginia is 89 and tough as nails and she does not want you to know she cries. She is a sweet lady! God bless the Stanfords! My 1958 Wirlwind “Charlie’s Angle” was named after another similar family story behind the name.

    Sorry Matt for using your website to dwell into “Cliff Claven” trivia.

  5. Jim Schafer
    Jim Schafer says:

    Stupid me with the key board. The comment above about the Wirlwind should be “Charlie’ Angel”…..not Charlie’s Angle.

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