Late Breaking Useless News- Miss Chris-Craft Breaks 10,000 Votes

Image from Boating Magazine Swim Suit Edition.. Miss Chris-Craft Amanda Lee.

As you may have been following here on Woody Boater we set out with the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club to vote for our Queen of Boat Babes. Miss Amanda Lee, Miss Chris-Craft for the new Boating Magazine Swim Suit Edition cover.. Just one week ago she was in the center of the pack with 44 votes. Then in one day after we started this push. 1,300, then 3,000 and today as of about an hour ago, she broke 10,000 votes.. She is 3,000 or so votes ahead of the Donzi gal who is  keeping up the pace.. While the third place is at 1700 votes and then.. well it just gets sad.. They are all nice girls, with mothers and fathers.. boyfriends and husbands…. and nice cooks, I am sure… BUT they don’t represent Chris-Craft and follow in the tradition set close to 100 years ago with the very first Chris-Craft girl.. So once again.. We raise our cans of Varnish to Miss Chris-Craft Amanda.. Keep up the voting.. We need that cover!

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    Anonymous says:

    Over on the Boat Buzz they are talking about Amanda posing on the cover with a mahogany Chris Craft, but what model. Maybe the Thayer IV ?

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