Legends Of Algonac – One Way Or Another, Contribute.

As we get closer to the dedication of the Chris Smith and Gar Wood statue we are all putting in a big effort to get this thing properly funded. So in an effort to help out, Woody Boater and The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club have set up an Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy way to contribute. Just click on the contribute thing here and it will dramatically convert that 50 bucks you give into a well deserved over due statue
And when you go up there with the rest of us, you can whisper into your companions ear.. “I helped pay for that”… if not, then you can bow your head in shame and just sliver away in shame while those of us that helped get to take pictures with big shots and feel important…maybe that’s a tad harsh… How bout this… Your contribution to this worthy cause will go a long way in helping preserve the legacy of not only two fine men, but an entire community…. egh! how bout this.. You have spent tens of thousands on your Chris-Craft or Gar Wood on wood and screws… Frearson Screws NOT PHILIPS!…. It’s in your best interest to glorify there names. It’s a good investment in the value of your boat…… There. You have at least one reason to contribute you cheap ass read this web site for nothing boater… Shame on you for sitting there with your $5 cup of coffee on your fancy computer.. Ouch there I go again.. Just pay up.. Anything will help.. Come on… It wont’t cost you an arm or leg.. But it might actually help make one!