Live From Mikkelson Collection Auction Sunday – And The Beat Goes On Here In Willmar, MN

Day 2 at the big Mikkelson Collection Auction presented by Rich Penn Auctions, and boats continue to cross the block at a feverish pace, and sell for healthy prices. Crowds continue to be strong, with many people bidding on various items from the collection.

Lot 940 is another perfect Larson Falls Flyer inboard, this one is a rare 1339 17′ version, which is powered by a 90 HP Grey Marine Phantom 6 cylinder. Sold for 48,000.00.

The unique 1956 14′ Deluxe Stylemaster by Inland Marine of Madison, Wisconsin fitted with a rare Baker Hydrofoil System and Wizard Super 10 HP hammered away for 9,250.00.

I would love to see this b0at in the water some day.

Lot 910 is the first Larson Falls Flyer the Mikkelson Family ever purchased, which was brand new in 1956. It’s still powered by the original 1956 30 HP Javelin outboard, and is very cool. Sold a few minutes ago for 14,750.00.

Next up was this beautiful 14′ mahogany hulled Larson Deluxe Speed Runabout.

The RW-14 Speed Runabout is powered by an Evinrude Big Twin 35 HP outboard. Bidding on this item was feverish, and she finally sold for 5,800.00 – a great buy for her new owner!

A as I write this live report, this very cool 1958 18′ Larson Thunderhawk powered by Twin 1957 Johnson Golden Javelin 30’s hammered away for 22,000.00! Another great buy here at the Mikkelson Collection Auction today!

Stay tuned for more updates here on Woody Boater.


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    • Jim Staib
      Jim Staib says:

      I looked at it but there were no directions and it looked like it could be complicated or dangerous. I’m probably too fat for it to work properly anyway.

      The Falls-Flyers were made for the smaller lakes. You would be in big trouble fast with those here on the Chain-O-Lakes. Look for TEXX to post photos of an Aluminum race boat. Looked like you had to be a kid to fit in it. And it went 125mph!

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        It is an experimental 1950’s hydroplane setup. Of course it is complicated and dangerous. That is what makes it fun!

        You just take it into deep water and the rear foils pivot and rotate and the front one rotates so you have three triangles that go into the water. The triangle shape gives it natural stability (relative to other ’50’s foils) in that when it gets deeper from weight or waves, there is more foil in the water and therefore more lift to bring it back up. It should find a natural balance and cut through moderate chop quite well. At least in theory. I would want to see someone else demonstrate it for a bit before I gave it a whirl.

        • Texx
          Texx says:

          m-fine, One of the greatest things about attending the Mikkelson Auction this weekend was the people. The core group of guys that were in attendance had a ton of knowledge about the collection.

          Steve Stevenson, Del Van Emmerik and Lee Wangstad know this stuff inside and out, and always had time for me when I had a question about a specific item. For example, the Baker Hydrofoil.

          They said that it worked amazingly well (back in the day) but, like most innovations, the hydrofoil was very touchy in terms of drag or resistance.

          They didn’t like any kind of weeds (in the shallow MN lakes) or especially logs or floating debris… They told me of a time when a guy run into weeds and instantly sent his passenger flying forward when the boat came to a sudden stop from full speed…

          It’s stories like this that made this such a fun weekend.

  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Great coverage! Nice to see boats that are ready to go and don’t need anything. Thanx Texx & Jim

    • Steve Stevenson
      Steve Stevenson says:

      What a great weekend, Paul would like to thank Woodyboater for all their help in making this one very remarkable auction. The results show that a Woodyboater lifestyle is in great shape. As we sit at the cottage and reflect on what just happend this weekend we can see that all is well in the classic boat hobby. Thanks to everyone who came and Paul hopes you enjoy your new toys big and small.

      • Texx
        Texx says:

        Thanks Steve and Paul. It was our pleasure, an event that I will never forget.

        We are working on a wrap-up story that will be published on Monday morning.

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    I’m surprised he did not keep the Flyer that the family bought new in ’56, just for sentimental reasons. It would have easily fit in any garage and been the source of many good memories.

    Obviously, some hard decisions had been made leading up to this event.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Randy – I asked Paul that exact question, but he decided to move the entire collection and simply cut the cord… Making the overall decision easier I suppose.

      Paul seemed happy and content with his decision.

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