Live-ish From Summer!

Casper, the Blue Arabian doing her thing

A huge thanks to Phil Andrew from New Zealand for sharing some, summer with us all. For those of us with a decomposing brain, not only do the toilets flush the other way there, but its summer! Thats right, on the other side of the planet, it’s like opposite of us, but the same. Confused? And to top all that off, Phil has boats from here from the other half of the planet. Do they know? Are they confused? All those cells of humanity buried in the wood? Anyway, who cares, its summer somplace, and we have boats in the water action shots! Take it away Phil!

Summer run

Hi Matt, here’s some summer fun for you Woody Boaters in the chilly north.

New Zealand. Wellington. 5.00am New Years eve. My son and I set off for a 3 day Father Son bonding time at the Lake running our Century Boats in the pristine waters of Lake Rotoiti in theSouth Island at a small Alpine village called St Arnaud.

Phil’s Palamino

This trip includes a 25 minute drive to a cross channel Ferry and a Ferry Trip across the Cook Strait of 3.5 hours then a 1 hour drive to the lake.

The Museum

We have three beautiful Century’s stored in the Classic Boat Museum there just a stones throw from the waters edge.

Miss Tahoe


1966 Century Arabian 19 ‘Miss Tahoe’.( Once belonged to Ace Photographer, Steve Lapkin’s family in Tahoe.)

Blue Arabian prototype from Katzs marina

1956 Century Arabian 18 ‘ Casper.’ ( The prototype Blue Grey Arabian featured on Woody Boater a few years back.)


1955 Century Palomino 15 ‘ Sparkle Horse’ ( A boat also featured on Woody Boater after we won her at the Mecum Warner Collection Auction back in 2011)

Dont let them hit

We had been getting reports of strange weather patterns and orange skies as the Australian East coast, some 1400 miles away was ablaze in the most horrific bush fires ever experienced.

Dash coolness

Its an ad for a watch


Into the mist

I really wanted to be able to run all three boats and to shoot pictures of each of them from the other boats. We all know the limitation of shooting our own boat while onboard. Theres the looking out the back at the wake shot and then the people in the boat shot and well… that’s about it.

I could look out the back all year like this

Love the Babe Decal

New Years morning we were at the Boat Museum at 7.30 and on the water with Casper by 8.00. We were greeted with early morning fog and hazy smokey skies. The smoke in the atmosphere provided a very beautiful soft light, a reminder of the devastation being wrought on our brothers across the Tasman Sea.


Remember that thing in the sky. It’s called???? Oh ya, THE SUN!


We’ve had 3 wonderful days of boating and more importantly its been so great to hang out with my boy.

This is what it’s all about, no matter where we live on this little blue ball. We are one, one family, A huge thanks to Phil and his son… and his sun, for reminding us all of the good in us all in 2020

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  1. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Nice Century Action – – Humm – – I’ve heard about the ‘Roaring 20’s’ from the last ‘Century’ but I didn’t get here till the mid 40’s and I don’t remember much from that decade – – Just what I’ve been told and observed in Family Photo Albums and in some black and white and then color Home Movies – – What about dedicating this decade to the Roar from 25′ or 23′ or 21′ or 26′ or 24′ or 28′, V-8 or 6 or V-6 Cylinder Power Boats – – Yes, caring for, accumulating and riding along in Power Boats – – Oh Yes, more ‘Smiles’ per Gallon – – That’s my resolution for these upcoming Roaring 20’s – – Any others care to climb aboard – –

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great story and photos. Where are all the other boats and lake front development. Is that some secret lake that only Phil knows about?

  3. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    It’s like they’re in a time warp apocalypse with no other boats or jet skis to interfere. What an amazing location and setup. Store your boat in a museum and pull it out to go play any time you want. Boom, genius.

  4. Parick L.W.
    Parick L.W. says:

    Good Lord! Could you ask for better stewards of our Americana than those Kiwi’s and their fantasy lake? I’m in lust with Miss Tahoe ….

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I think I need a summer home in New Zealand. Nothing but Spring and Summer all year? I could probably survive.

  6. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Nice story and pictures. Good on ya Phil for sending that in. I was just wondering how did you get to take pictures of three boats with just you and your son as drivers. I am a Chris-Craft owner bot I sure do like the Arabian with the large pad on the rear deck. That is a very sporty looking and well thought-out boat.

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