Live-ish From The Antique Boat Center, Shhh Herb Pocklington Is Speaking!

The Open house at The Antique Boat Center is a success. In what roughly looks like 150 folks showed up to hear Herb talk about the golden years of Chris Craft and the statue of Christopher Smith and Gar Wood being built in Algonac Michigan.. Here are some photos of the event. Sorry no text… For that you just had to be there…We warned you! Now back to scrambling for Valentines Cards.
Herb pointing at something to make a point about something!
Herb Poklington and Lou Raugh of the Antique Boat Center

Herb Showing A Cowboy that boat hats are better for boats than Cowboy hats. By the way, we are making some if you are interested… Heyyyy, I wasn’t sent any text so I can make up whatever I want! More to come…
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    matt, sorry for taking over this space for my question but i couldnt find any other place. the border between the main stories an all your advertisers is too big, what i mean is the last word or words in each sentence are cut off. how can i solve this?

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