Live-ish From The Classic Raceboat Association Spring Thunder Regatta On Lake Dora, FLA

Lake Dora CRA - 1

JS-69 Whizzbang – Katherine Shuler – Jersey Speed Skiff

As promised, here are a few photos of the action from Saturday at the Classic Raceboat Association – Spring Thunder Vintage Regatta on Lake Dora, Florida. The event, which ran from March 15-17th at Wooten Park in Tavares Florida, is presented by the Classic Raceboat Association (CRA) and sanctioned by American Power Boat Association (APBA).

On Saturday afternoon the nice folks from the CRA arranged for to us to join the official photo boat inside Turn 1 of the demonstration course so we could capture a few photos of the over 75 Vintage Race Boats that were on hand for this years big event – and we appreciate everything the CRA did to make that happen. The water was flat and the boat racers took full advantage of the almost perfect conditions to get out on the water and exercise their boats in a safe and fun environment.

The Jersey Speed Skiffs are always fun to watch at speed with their powerful V-8’s and nimble handling.

Lake Dora CRA - 2

JS-9 Disorderly Conduct – Kenny Gallup – Jersey Speed Skiff

Lake Dora CRA - 3

JS-70 Daze of Thunder – Richie Weber- Jersey Speed Skiff

And the little “B Runabouts” with their high revving outbaords are exciting to see and hear (and smell).

Lake Dora CRA - 4

A Pair of B Runabouts Having Fun – Natural Beauty (back ground) Ghislain Freniere / Harold Kelly

Lake Dora CRA - 5

#835 Rayner Blair – E&T Tunnel (I think)

Lake Dora CRA - 6

#121 O’Berry Marine / Steve Larkin – V4 OMC – Velden

We always love to see the sleek and historic Raveau outboards gliding across the water – I think we have to add these to our “must ride” list for the future.

Lake Dora CRA - 7

Steve Koenke – Raveau 20 Foot Racing Runabout

Lake Dora CRA - 8

61-S Bomb – Allen Gammon – 16 Foot J-Sport Raveau

There was a variety of vintage hydroplanes at Lake Dora this year and you can never get enough of these powerful race boats mixing it up during the demonstration runs.

Lake Dora CRA - 9

E-50 Hot To Trot – Ruth & Leo Croisetiere – Karelson 280 Hydro

Lake Dora CRA - 10

E-156 Sin – Paul Scopinich – Lauterbach 280 Hydro

Lake Dora CRA - 11

E-42 Go Go Girl – Steve & Brian Maloney – Lauterbach 280 Hydro

Lake Dora CRA - 12

Lake Dora CRA - 13

Lake Dora CRA - 14

F-222 Opechee – Hal Laduc – Hallet 280 Hydro

Lake Dora CRA - 15
Thanks to everyone at the Classic Raceboat Association, Bill John and the army of volunteers that continue to make this event such a great success.

And to the boat owners for keeping these wonderful vintage race boats alive, and bringing them out to Tavares for everyone to see and enjoy.

Also thanks to the City of Tavares and the many sponsors who support the Vintage Raceboat event.


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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    I am so GREEN today, and not just because I’m Irish…
    But, with envy of the great time you are having!

    Thanks for the great photography and dialogue that transports us across the miles.

  2. .Larry Forget
    .Larry Forget says:

    . GREAT report , colorful sunshine pics.. My neighbor , R.H. was there with two tunnel O/B Molinari’s.. Yes, this group is
    ready to put on good events in 2013. They are always searching for old racers, doing resotrations. Even some for Sale.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Great shots, especially fond of the Raveaus, design, graphics, proportion, details, whatever it is, they speak to me, although I’d take any of the others too. Its like a Miss America pageant, I’ll take 3 of those, one of these, and 2 of them over there.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    floyd r turbo, why choose? “Wrap them up. I’ll take ’em all.”

    Nice photos Texx. I know (from last year) the photos can’t express the degree of difficulty taking action shots. “Get in, forget sitting down, hang on, and pray like hell you don’t drop the camera overboard!”

    Look forward to joining you behind the lens.

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