Look’n For A Mrs B? For Some Mini B’s, B-letts? Lil B’s, Bsters.


Hello Ladies, How youuuu doi’n?

Okay, before read on. Know that this is nuts, borderline crazy, insane, potentially offensive, and could be this years story of the year. So.. READ ON.. Mr B is look’n for some love! And well, before we.. you know.. Tutor him. I thought, hey, the little guy loves to love so much, at least he should well. You know, enjoy what life has to give at least once.

He looooves the ladies

And well, so I am throwing this out there. Anyone out there with a potential girlfriend? Now to be clear, I am not taking my boy to some cat house situation. This is to have some pups! Ya, I am actually saying this. Woody Boater Puppies? Now, I know, I know.. Walking the edge of crazy here? Too far?

Sunset buddy

But think about it.. You have a Miss G..irl who you would like to have puppies, and Mr B needs to learn about love. We can follow the entire process, okay not that part.. The puppy part… And by August ish, we will have some new Woody B…oaters.. We need more young people, dogs? Whatever..

Lets go!

A little about Mr B, well, he likes walking on the beach, eating, licking, partys, flying, and of course, Wood speed boats, all kinds of boats, car rides, smart as hell.. Too smart. And.. well…loves going to humpy town. So you know he could fullfil her wildest dreams. He is fearless, so she can be a real bitch afterwords and it’s okay. Now wait.. I actually used that B word in its proper and un offensive way. So quit your bitching..

Looking for some ….wait for it.. TAIL!

So if you are so inclined, let’s get this going? He isn’t picky.. after all his current “Girlfriend” is a cushion.

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  1. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Pimping ain’t easy. Did you explain the birds and the bees to him yet? Does he have financial responsibility after these puppies are born? Will he have visitation rights? Silly question but .. does he have papers? Better print business cards.. Buster Bigelow Canine Jiggolo

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Well – I’ve been conflicted whether to contribute this story or not but I guess this is the right day to do it.

    Last Friday night we met my old college roommate and his wife for dinner at a busy outdoor restaurant. They asked about my antique boat hobby and in the conversation I mentioned that I followed a blog called “Woodyboater”. My old roommates wife, who I have also known since college, got real quiet for a moment and then said “you follow a blog called Woodyboner? After much laughter I explained what the correct name was but I guess today it could be both.

  3. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    On a different note just sent in my registration for the Hessel show this year. Feels great to be able to be in a boat show again.

  4. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I tried to email you some updates on the hydro and my email was rejected. Drop me a note please. Maybe if I reply it will go through.

    • Old Salt
      Old Salt says:

      FYI, I believe I saw a video on YouTube yesterday of the hydro arriving at Snake Mountain boat works for some restoration work.

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Gee – another dog story? I think there is some definite favoritism here…😉 Make your daddy proud, Buster! 🤗

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