Making A List, Checking It Twice – But Don’t Forget To Check Your Boathouse

For many Woody Boaters in the northern parts of the USA and Canada, their classic boats are now winterized and tucked away, in hibernation for the season… Some are stored in the garage, or secure storage facilities, or the boat shed out back… and some are happily stored in their favorite environment – the boathouse at the lake. We know they like the boathouse environment because we continue to hear stories about those very original wooden boats that emerge from their original boathouses, where they have lived for their entire life.

Last weekend, fellow Woody Boaters Kait and Chris Bullen discovered they had an unexpected visitor in their buddy Greg’s boathouse on Lake Muskoka. The visitor also has an “appetite” for classic wood – Here’s their story…

Texx – There isn’t many reasons to go out on the water on a rainy December day after the leaves had fallen, but this such day on December 2nd was a little unique.

A cold, wet December day at the marina

On an island 15 minutes from the marina, a boathouse needed rescuing. This was an area that had been taken over by Bob the Beaver. We have to give Bob some credit, he does have good taste… After all, Bob did decide to shack up with “Lightning” – Greg’s beloved 22′ Peter Breen built gentleman’s racer for the winter. But do beavers like varnish covered mahogany? We didn’t want to find out!

Bob had completely filled the slip beneath the very wood boat, and he was fixin’ to stay the winter and have a nice comfy place to rest his tired tail.

Bob’s winter home under construction in the boat house

Bob the Beaver scavenged the shoreline of every branch and twig available. When that wasn’t enough, Bob got greedy and attempted filing down a mighty deciduous. Bob’s greed had upset the islanders and they started to protest.

We banded to together in the cold and rain to evict Bob from the boat house, and made our way across Lake Muskoka to the island.

Heading towards the island for a surprise homecoming to meet Bob

Bob had quite some time to work on his new winter home which meant clearing out a lot of branches. Once all the brush was removed it made quite a pile.

Bob’s construction materials

The day was now late and so we all went back to the main land in the only boat left in the water this late into the fall season: a big Stanley Bullnose 26′ with a 225hp Yamaha.

However as we looked back to say goodbye to the lake for the season, Bob the Beaver had taken his revenge and was sighted racing down the lake, speeding by in “Lightning”, living up to her name with her new prop and 325HP Corvette engine, she was out of sight in seconds.

Bob the Beaver on board “Lightning”, scoping out his next winter home

By Kait and Chris Bullen

Great story Kait and Chris, thanks for sharing it with us today. After reading your story about Bob the Beaver (who by the way is one of Canada’s National Symbols), two questions come to mind…

1. Has Peter Breen the innovative master boat builder developed a varnish that repels beavers yet?

2. Does Hagerty Marine Insurance have a “Beaver” clause in their policy?

Bob the Beaver


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I just printed a copy of the photo of Bob the Beaver sucking down the can of Molson. That classic is getting framed for the wall of the cottage. Your photo shop skills are fantastic.

  2. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Man they grow them big in Muskoka, Bob looks to be pushing 250 lbs. you may need back-up. Great story!

  3. Sean
    Sean says:

    If that is in fact a “Mountie” hat Bob is sportin’, my question would be…Is he on duty while enjoying that Molson?

  4. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    We had one in our boathouse, filled the boat-well with twigs & branches and left one little “chew” on the painted hull of the Rocket. Cedar may not be as tasty as Oak.

    I hope Kait & Chris visit their boathouse again soon. Bob probably has all of his cache back in place by now.

    Gotta love a good beaver story! Thanks Texx & Matt

  5. Bill
    Bill says:

    any one catching beavers please relocate em to that ditch by chicago and let them dam it up keep the water in the lakes and keep the carp out

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Can Bob now apply to FEMA for emergency housing? Of course he might tend to eat the paperwork instead of filling it out. Out here we had an Osprey nest in a tuna tower a couple of seasons ago and the owner was prohibited from disturbing it until the babies left. Then again other than poop there was no damage like a beaver would do.

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    You guys can leave it to Beaver, around here the problem is ground hogs….woodchucks to some of you.
    When I barn found one of my whirlwinds the trailer had sunk to the frame because “woody woodchuck” had undermined the whole barn, reminded me of Caddy Shack…….But that is ancient history now…and SO IS WOODY!

    John in Va.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Ha – They were following well behind (out of frame) in a vintage (Canadian built) Shepherd utility… Ward was driving and was having trouble keeping up to Beaver.

  8. Alex
    Alex says:

    I expect Hagerty does not have a “Beaver” clause. Santa, however, does! Ho ho ho. In lieu of any clause, Bob the Beaver sports claws.

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