Mecum 2012 Kissimmee Auction – Saturday Update 2 – 1929 Gar Wood Miss America VIII


Lot S239 1929 Gar Wood Miss America VIII with 1931 Twin Miller V16 Engines
NO SALE – The Bid Goes On
– The bidding quickly reached 700,000.00 for Miss America VIII and then stalled. Stay tuned for updates….

Stay tuned for more auction updates. – Texx

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    • Texx
      Texx says:

      The trailer can probably be improved with a fresh coat of paint. But the boat will need to come first…

  1. brian
    brian says:

    Here’s an idea.

    What if all of us in the WB community pooled our monies together and bought this lovely bit of history.

    Then we each could take a turn of parking this boat in front of our houses at 6 AM, and crank up both of those engines, just to have a bit of a laugh.

    ok, ok, I do have perhaps a few issues with my neighbors… but it would still be fun !!

  2. The Central Scrutinizer
    The Central Scrutinizer says:

    The Central Scrutinizer does not always like to be right. But, in this case, he was (check the record). Remember, the same sort of thing happened at Lake Geneva a few months ago.

    The White Zone is for loading and unloading only. If ya gotta load, or unload, please go to the white zone:
    The Central Scrutinizer, aka Frank Zappa

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