Mecum 2012 Kissimmee Auction – Saturday Update 4 – Two Boats Offered


Lot S294 1936 Chris-Craft 21′ Utility Angler II Special Built for CC President Jay Smith
NO SALE – And the Bid Goes On
– This unique Chris-Craft reached 23,000.00 before the bidding stalled. The auctioneer noted that the seller would need around 27,000.00 to sell it.

Lot S296 1974 Magnum 28′ Maltese Twin 350 CI
NO SALE – And the Bid Goes On
– The bidding on this fiberglass speedboat slowly reached 47,000.00 but again, the auctioneer indicated that they would need around 55,000.00 to make the sale.

The boats are often sold after they cross the auction block, so please stay tuned and if we receive any updates we will post them here on Woody Boater.

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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    I cant wait to see what the Coronado gets. My guess is ‘The bid goes on.’ Whatever happens this is better than telly.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    The reserve on the century is supposed to be very low.. We had heard that the boat was for sale and the asking price was in the high 20’s so.. That might indicate the reserve, I have no idea.. It may be the deal of the auction.. .. And dammmmmmmmmm but sorry, 27 k for the u21 is a killer price and should have sold. That’s a peace of history. Price very strongly.

  3. SS Dave KBL
    SS Dave KBL says:

    Did the motors always spin the same way ? When it was built? 27k doesn’t seem bad to me!

    Will someone Plz buy my 53 with KBL for 18500!! I’m I off on my price?

  4. Mark C
    Mark C says:

    SS Dave? what is the boat with the kbl?

    If I had 27k I would have bought that twin engine ute in a heartbeat. I love the idea of twin B’s. I secretly want to do that to a deluxe or something similar. I’d have to shoehorn them like crazy though.

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