Mecum 2012 Kissimmee Auction – Sunday RECAP! Sale Prices.


Century Corinado, Hemi Powered SOLD 27,000

Lot U62 1957 Century 21′ Coronado
–  SOLD SOLD SOLD 27,000 Plus Fees, What a great deal on a great boat.. Everyones happy on this one.  

Lot U47 2001 Evj 20′ Airboat 502 CI
NO SALE – hit 70K.00 Bid Goes ON!

Lot U48 2008 Apex 20′ A-20 Rib Tender 5.7/325 HP
NO SALE – got up to 16,000 and the bid goes on

Lot U50 1906 Taylor & Bates 24′ Thames River Lauch Canoe
NO SALE – And the big goes on.. Hit around 25K

Lot U51 1959 Chris-Craft 17′ Ski Boat 283 CI
SOLD – $10,000 

Lot U52 1974 Howard 18′ V Drive Flatbottom 468/550 HP
NO SALE – hit 9.000  needed 15K to make the deal. Ya never know, these boats are amazing boats

Lot U54 1949 Greavette 20′ Shearliner S Cockpit
NO SALE – hit 25K bid goes on!Then was listed ahain and did not hit the 50K needed, only hit 42..


Gar Wood Ensign, not on the web, but came in for sale, hit 13K needed to reach 18K BID GOES ON 2008 EVJ Air Boat

EVJ Air Boat 2008 – INSANE BOAT, 1,000 HP, hit 70K needed a lot more.. NO SALE. Bid Goes ON.

Lot U55 1999 Hankinson 20′ Barrelback
SOLD – hit $19,000 THE BID GOES ON

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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Jeeeez thats killing me. $27,000 for a Coronado. Unbelievable!!! Thats the buy of the Century. I should have bid. Dang and double dang.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hmmmm. This is making me feel like I’m deeper underwater than I thought. Someone extend my snorkel by, say, a few yards, will ya?

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    BTW, is it all over? ‘Cause I just managed to free myself from the bonds my wife put me in yesterday when they announced the boats were coming on the block. She also blindfolded me, took me for a 30 minute drive with lots of turns, anesthetized me, bludgeoned me, and gagged me with a field mouse.

    Is that love or what?

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