Merry… Christmas. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa To You.. Now Send Us Some Images!

Here is a nice Card from Fellow Woody Boaters, Lee &  Randy Rush-Shot on his homemade 1959 boat on Lake Winnipasaukee NH Randy is the one that suggested a contest.. So here goes… Thanks Captain Grumpy!

It’s that time of year again.. The time to send out your Holiday Cards and good wishes.. So, knowing that many of you either have not done that yet, or spouses have bought some lame pack of cheesy glitter packed Christmas balls card to send out.. We here at Woody Boater decided to give you a hand.. No not an applause.. Jesus….  And not like last year where we did them for you.. But from you.. Our viewing audience.. Like Last Gasp Week.. This is Ho Ho Happy Holiday Week..   Here’s how it works.. You send us a great holiday image that you think would make a fantastic card, or your card already… or we will make one from your image if yours is worthy.. Which of course it will be.. We will then put it through our Magical Ho Ho Holiday Card Machine and broadcast it back to the world… All your Woody Boater Pals can get a card just by going to Woody Boater and comment.. You don’t have to lick a stamp,, and you get to save a tree…. For later.. when you need it for something useful.. Like a side plank… So send away..

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    Anonymous says:

    Awyy Crap. I liked it when you did all the work. Maybe I send a picture of a pile of boat parts with a wreath thrown on top. Merry Christmas

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