Merry Christmas, Whatchya Git?

He needs a bigger boat

It’s Christmas morning and mostly of us here are dads, granddads and well Daddy O’s. Yes some Moms, and grandmas, But according to the stats, 85% Dads. And we all know what you really wanted for Christmas. Ya, a three inch copper exhaust pipe? Maybe that sander you are not sure you really need but really do, and wont buy but if someone else did you would be thrilled.


How about 1500 Reed and Prince screws. Or maybe a Model of YOUR BOAT. The list goes on, yet would require a book to be read to explain how to find the right one. But every now and then Magic happens and one of us gets something incredibly heartfelt and your loved ones prove that they do understand you. Not that you make it easy on them, since you get what you want and are impossible to get anything for.

Thats about right

Here is a secret insight. All I really wanted for Christmas, was my family and friends to be safe and be able to live life to the fullest. And guess what? I got that and cherish it with all my heart. Thanks to all of you. A heartfelt Merry Christmas.

He never seems to age

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    We had the whole family together yesterday for a wonderful day of calibration and gratefulness.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    A new workbench for the garage (as soon as I finish the top and drawers).

    Merry Christmas everyone !

    BTW – Troy I never thought of calibrating the family. How accurate are they now ?

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    48 and raining in Michigan. Maybe I can talk the first mate into a boat ride!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our WoodyBoater friends!

  4. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    Merry Christmas to all. We are having family brunch and THEN….you guessed it…Going Boating…..70 degrees on the Chesapeake … but blowing…better tomorrow…hoping for lots of better tomorrows.

    John in Va

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP) says:

    Both kids are here today. That’s the best present I could have.
    Merry Christmas to all🎅🎄🎶

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Still waiting to open presents but then again I also paired down my list. I took off a Marine Railway and Roamer Cruiser from Lake Minnitonka. (Minitonca? Minnatancaka?) From. a frozen lake 20 miles from the Mississippi. A nice wood planer would be great. Merry Christmas all.

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Merry Christmas WoodyBoaterville!

    I got coal again. I keep hoping that I might get upgraded to charcoal, but I guess I came up short again this year.

  8. ART
    ART says:

    I got the best present a guy could ask for……………………….another day on this earth, Thank you lord!!!!

  9. Pete
    Pete says:

    Merry Christmas Matt and Suzy
    An early photo Matt did his magic on years ago. It still makes me young at heart when I look at it.

  10. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    My Christmas present came early thanks to WoodyBoater Brian Toye!!!
    You might recall he let Matt know he found this RC model in an antique store and it was available.
    Long story short, it has a new home at the marina thanks to Brian!
    It proves that we have wonderful people here in WoodyBoaterville that will go above and beyond to help our peeps.
    Merry Christmas to all and here’s to a great New Year!!!

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