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Woody Boater would like to recognize Robert & Linda Miracle from Miracle Photography as this month’s Woody Boater’s of the Month.

Robert and Linda Miracle’s contribution to the antique & classic boating hobby comes from their exceptional photography, and as a result they are quickly becoming well known for their newly found passion.

Robert, a retired USAF B-52H Bomber crew chief and civilian flight instructor from Ohio, and his wife have now landed in South Carolina and taken to the water with their camera’s in hand, producing some beautiful images for everyone to enjoy.

In 2009 Robert attended a number of Antique & Classic Boat Society events throughout the South Eastern United States. Robert’s photos were featured in Classic Boating Magazine and made the cover of Clinker, the Lyman Boat Owners Association’s quarterly publication.

Now for the first time, we are excited to feature some of Robert & Linda Miracle’s photography on Woody Boater. This is the time of year when many of us here at the Woody Boater Community are dealing with some major cases of “Cabin Fever”.   We hope these images from Miracle Photography will provide some comfort from the dreaded “Cabin Fever” and help get you all through the week.

Here’s a great story from Robert & Linda Miracle about how they became involved in the hobby, what their plans are for the future and how you can view their selection of over 5,600 antique & classic boat images from 2009 & 2010.

My name is Robert Miracle and my wife’s name is Linda. We live in Anderson, SC. Although we do not own a classic boat, we are members of the ACBS Blue Ridge Chapter and the unofficial photographers for our chapter.

I bought a Nikon D-40 after retirement in the fall of 2008 and took an introductory photography course to learn how to use it. A friend who is a member of the ACBS Blue Ridge Chapter and owns a 1961 Lyman asked if I would attend a boat show at Lake Keowee in Seneca, SC and photograph the event.

I took 200-300 pictures of the boats the first day of the show. The next morning, I was telling the guys what good action shots I had taken of a Chris Craft boat with the water spraying up. A gentleman, whom I did not know, asked me, “Did you come to take pictures of the spraying water or the boats?” He went on to say, “When I worked at the factory, we would have the photographer stand on top of a bridge and take pictures of the boats, so you could see all of the beautiful wood and the nice interior. You should try this for a better photograph.” I thanked him for the tip, and walked away wondering who he was because he seemed to be very knowledgeable. My friend came up and said, “I see you met Chris Smith. He is the grandson of the founder of the Chris-Craft Boat Company.” That’s how I got one of my first lessons on how to take boat photography.

A nice shot of Chris Smith aboard his boat “Odyssea” that was taken by Robert Miracle at Lake Hartwell in 2010. – Texx

Based on the shot below, it looks like the lesson from Chris Smith worked well. – Texx

In 2009, I photographed the events at Lake Greenwood, SC, Lake Keowee, SC, Lake Chatuge, GA, Charlotte, NC, Reynolds Plantation Rendezvous in Georgia, and the Blue Ridge Annual meeting at Lake Burton, GA.

After taking more than 800 photographs at the Lake Chatuge show, I posted them to a web page. I sent an e-mail listing the web page to all of the boat owners so they could view the pictures. Two weeks later, the president of the Blue Ridge Chapter called to let me know that Classic Boating Magazine had seen my photos and wanted to use a few in their magazine. I was thrilled and asked if they would send me a copy of the magazine so I could see my work in the publication. When the magazine came, I was pleasantly surprised that they had used 25 of my photos and ran a 12-page article about the show.

In 2009, my photo of a friend’s Lyman made the cover of The Clinker, the official magazine of the Lyman Boat Owners Association. I have also been published in the Blue Ridge Chapter newsletter and the Spring, 2010 Brass Bell.

I need to talk to Robert Miracle and get a lesson on how to make the water match the color of the boat… Feather Craft polished aluminum silver water, man that looks cool!  Is it the bridge, the time of day, the sun, the clouds… or all of the above… – Texx

In 2009, I photographed the events at Lake Greenwood, SC, Lake Keowee, SC, Lake Chatuge, GA, Charlotte, NC, Reynolds Plantation Rendezvous in Georgia, and the Blue Ridge Annual meeting at Lake Burton, GA.

In 2010 we photographed the shows at Sunnyland, FL, Lake Hartwell, GA, Lake Sinclair, GA, Lake Keowee, SC, Lake Chatuge, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Lake Dale Hollow, KY.

Chris Smith cruising across Lake Hartwell in 2010 aboard his amazing Chris-Craft “Odyssea”. –  Texx

In July 2010, I upgraded to a new Nikon D-90 camera. Linda said that she would like to use the D-40. She attended Tri-County Technical College to learn photography. She joined me last year in photographing the boat shows.

Linda Miracle at Lake Hartwell 2010 who is great photographer in her own right – Texx

We were invited by the Blue Grass Chapter to photograph their event at Lake Dale Hollow in Kentucky last fall. We shot more than 1,500 pictures of the event. Classic Boating Magazine recently wrote a seven-page article on that show, which featured 34 of our photos. Many of them were Linda’s work, which was the first time she was published.

We are gearing up for a big year of photographing the various ACBS events. We will be heading to Florida in March for the Sunnyland Boat Show. The following week, we will attend a very special show at Camp Lejeune, NC held by the Blue Ridge Chapter. They will entertain the Marines with various activities and their beautiful antique boats in the first event of the year. We will also photograph all of the other ACBS Blue Ridge Chapter events this year.

A nice shot of some folks enjoying their day on the water aboard at Sea Skiff at Lake Hartwell in 2010. – Texx

Linda and I photograph a wide variety of subjects. I especially love nature and waterfalls photography. You can support our passion by visiting our website by clicking here at Miracle Photography and purchasing a photo of your choice.

We truly enjoy photographing the antique boats, learning about their history, and getting to know their wonderful owners. We look forward to another classic boat show season. It is our intent to promote and support the ACBS in whatever way possible. We will always strive to showcase the beauty of these classic boats to the best of our abilities.

Thanks to Robert & Linda Miracle for sharing their story and beautiful images with Woody Boater. They have a few more fun boat show stories to share with us so stay tuned. Check out their site and support the folks that help to support the antique & classic boating hobby.  You can always find a link to the Miracle Photography site listed under the Woody Boater Links on the port side of the home page.

One last comment.  I think we have set a new record here at Woody Boater today, 16 images of antique & classic boats and not one dock in sight!  Wooo Hoo – Life is Good.


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  1. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    we have so many wonderful photos of our boat, thanks to bob & linda…the colors and composition are amazing, we would be hard pressed to pick a favorite either of our boat or somebody else’s…and they are incredibly nice people! thank you woody boater for this article about the miracles.

  2. Al
    Al says:

    We are so proud to have Bob & Linda in our chapter. Their contribution to wooden boating is beyond measure.They are truely sincere people and a pleasure to be around. They are loved by many.
    President of BRC ACBS

  3. Ellen Chudkosky
    Ellen Chudkosky says:

    I have known the Miracles for years and have thrilled to their astounding photos of nature, whether it be mountain hiking with majestic waterfalls, their own private passion for Koi fish, the sundry birds they feed, or even family pets. They do it all! Here’s to many more years of enchantment in shutter bugging!

  4. Jerri Nowlen
    Jerri Nowlen says:

    We in the Blue Ridge chapter are so very lucky to have Bob & Linda in our area. I have to say we have been completely spoiled by having them our shows the past couple of years. I literally rush home after an ACBS show and sit by my computer waiting for the latest additions to their website. They both do amazing action shots and Linda truly captures magic in the face photos.

    Bravo guys! And GREAT article in the Jan/Feb. Classic boating Magazine.

  5. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    having met Bob a few years ago while hiking, I was impressed with the quality pictures that he was taking of plants, mountain views, and water falls. When the lake Keowee group was planning their first show, I invited Bob to attend, and take some pistures of our entries. The results were amazing, I still look at the DVD that I received, as it was spectacular.
    Thanks Bob and Linda, especially for the great picture of our boat, that has given us so much pleasure.

  6. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Wow. Cool pictures.
    I looked up Bob and Linda’s surname in the dictionary.
    MIRACLE. ‘ A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.’

    Pretty much says it perfectly.


    • Robert Miracle
      Robert Miracle says:

      Thank you for your kind words. We are living the dream. I retired two years ago and got shooting pictures of old boats. I just wish I had more income to be able travel to more boat shows. We live in Anderson Sc. now and have traveled 3 hours to get to 5 different ACBS shows. We are going to Sunny Land this year and then to the ACBS show at Camp Lejeune Nc. to entertain the Marines. We belong to the Blue Ridge Chapter of ACBS and love shoot the boats. It’s a great hobby but no one will pay for your service. The magazines what your pictures but won’t pay anything for them. Maybe some day we will get a paying gig. We love what we are doing but with a limited retirement income we just do what we can.
      Bob Miracle

  7. Tim Herron
    Tim Herron says:

    Bob and Linda, congratulations for finding your passion in retirement. We will always be appreciative of how you shared your love of boating with our two sons. Now thousands will benefit from your pictures highlighting families sharing the boating experience.

    All the Best,
    Tim, Carla, Ben and Ryan

  8. Denise Waters
    Denise Waters says:

    I would LOVE to purchase some of Bob and Linda Miracle’s photos to decorate our new lake home at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Is there a website to view the photos and/or order?

    Greatly appreciate any info you can provide.

    Denise Waters

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