“Miss Lisa” Wins Best Restored At Table Rock!

Breaking news from the 2012 ACBS International Meetings and Boat Show in Table Rock, Missouri… Fellow Woody Boaters Matt & Lisa Byrne from Aurora, IL win the coveted “Best Restored” award for “Miss Lisa” their stunning 1939 19′ Gar Wood Custom Runabout. (Photo courtesy of WoodyGal)

Also, Don Ploetner Sr. & Don Ploetner II from Sparta, NJ win the award for Best Preserved with “Foxy Lady” their rare 1955 Higgins 23′ Speedster.

More breaking news! – “Foxy Lady” also just won the Hagerty Youth Judging Award, the real big prize.

Story Update Sunday, Sept. 23rd

Gene Porter, an “ACBS Past President” notes that the “Best Preserved” award shouldn’t be characterized as just an “also” award. Preservation generally ranks above Restoration in the ACBS pecking order. But he didn’t have a picture of Foxy Lady in hand either and thought they were both great.”

Congratulations everyone!


Here’s a few more shots from WoodyGal that she snapped late Saturday afternoon as a few boats were preparing to load up for the trip home.

Charles Mistele in “Miss America IX”

And George Plamondon and crew from Chicago on board “What Fun” a 1937 17′ Chris-Craft runabout.

Thanks WoodyGal!

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      • Matt B
        Matt B says:

        No gas leak, I was just showing off, it my first runabout 🙂
        I guess I just forgot. If woody gal would’ve waited a little longer I closed them right after this picture was taken.

      • Al Benton
        Al Benton says:

        It’s the “Lift & Sniff” routine. Matt was just emphasizing this important practice by leaving them open for a while longer than usual.

        There were no bad incidents at the Show. I saw many sniffing and looking around in there before starting but many more that simply started the engine. It’s nice to have confidence in the fuel plumbing, but it only takes once…

  1. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Sitting next to Matt and Lisa at the award ceremony. They are obviously thrilled and the award was well deserved even though there are a lot of neat boats here. And this restoration was mainly Matt’s own work!

  2. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Way to go, Matt. Hopefully Lisa forgets all the $$ it took to get this prestigious award!! Now go use the boat and have some fun.

    • Matt B
      Matt B says:

      SHHHHH Lisa thinks it only cost $500 to restore the boat and if you spread that out over 5 years it’s an easy sell.

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Even though it was fresh out of a 5 year restoration and in the running for the top prize at the show, Matt and Lisa still brought the boat out Saturday morning for a run and photo shoot, BEFORE the judges came back for a second look. I have a feeling that this beautiful boat is going to be used and shown by her very proud and deserving owners. Congratulations to Matt and Lise and family on their accomplishment. Just to add something here – Matt did a lot of the work on this boat himself, which distinguishes this accomplishment even more.

    Foxy Lady, that gorgeous Higgins, was a total show stopper. The Ploetners’ were so very deserving and I can’t recall a boat ever winning both Best of Show and the Hagerty Youth Judging award at the International – the young kids obviously got it right!

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