Mojito, The Blog! Woohooo.

WoodyBoater would like to do a shout out to Mojito, the boat, the blog and .. the drink. You can check it out here. this a great free way to keep the juices going for your pals and family. It’s also inspiring to show folks that are thinking that the task of restoration is beyond them. That it can be done. It all starts with the dream and a scraper. I also love this format for getting to know a boat. You get to know deep into how a boat was loved and cared for if you are thinking of selling it. And its all FREE! Way to go… Wooohooo, another woodyblogger!

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    Anonymous says:

    I had not considered using a Blog to document progress on a restore but it's a great idea. It's a good way to record your restoration project while making progress and to share it with the rest of us.

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