More Dog Gone Fun On Woody Barker Week!

Woody gal, and Annie on board Pumpkin! That is one smart dog!

Thanks to Oreo we have gotten in some more fun pics of fellow Woody Barkers.. I suspect Oreo is calling them in that silent language that only dogs can hear! If your dog has barked any this week, its the daisy chain of conversation going on between them.. Either that, or they are glad just to go out and pee.. One never knows…

Here's a shot of our 12 year old black lab Bay with my mother and wife aboard our 18ft CC Sea Skiff just off Harbor Point in Harbor Springs, MI. Dan Kimball

The Woody Boatress and Ruby, aboard Betsy


"Riva" Aboard John Karlson's Century Raven

Jim Scotts Golden who decided that she was not going to be anyones crew mwmbwer. She floated off the dock and having some fun in the middle of the creek!

Stay tuned for more fun on Woody Barker week! Also we received several emails regarding if Oreo had any brothers or sisters available?

Oreo on board 'Suzy" 1960 Chris Craft 24 Sportsman. She even came with built in soft boat shoes.

Yes! 2 Sisters. This is a very special litter and breeder. She is located in Charlottsville Va and is a very well known breeder of Portugese water dogs and havana silk pups. Her location is spotless and very well done. The litter is interesting because nether the breeder or us have ever heard them bark! Dad has a fantastic disposition.. If you are interested in one of Oreo’s Sistas here is Lorna’s web address..  Tell her your pals of Oreo! It would be fun to have the entire family all Woody Boaters ! Wooo woooof!

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  1. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    Ok Matt, While we are on the periphery of classic boats. I have a topic challenge for you. How about taking on the topic of stereo and especially creative speaker installation in classics. We have a 67 Lyman Cruisette that is on one hand absolutely pristine, but on the other a family boat like no other and needs some tunes. What have others done to elegantly integrate speakers without boring 6″ holes in the mahogany?

    Looking forward to the response.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Showing my age again!!! S P E A K E R S!…..
    Listening to the exhaust sound beats any music I have ever heard….Sinatra excluded.

    John in Va.

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    On our former cruiser “Itchin”, a 1953 35′ Chris Commander, we hid the stereo in the locker opposite the helm, ran all the wiring behind ceiling boards and/or under the cockpit sole, carefully drilled the chrome roof supports and brought the speaker (and lighting) wires overhead and into custom mahogany boxes that house the speakers and downlights.

    I’m thinking the Cruisette has a hardtop, right? If so, this is one way to go. Another is any little open cuddy that may be in a seatback or bulkhead that has enough room for a custom speaker box that can be hidden from view. (and weather)

    Face it, when you’re running, sound quality is not going to be any good, when you’re at anchor and/or at the dock, you really don’t want to disturb those around you with your favorite tunes, so set it up so that when it’s quiet, you can listen, enjoy the wine and if you’re lucky, the natural resonance of the wood will provide a pretty decent sound with minimal speakers.

    It can be done!

    Dick Dow

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    I agree w John re motor music. It’s the best! But if u must, say, while anchored, why not go with a Bose Wave radio. The tall one. No holes, no wiring, total portability (for other locales). And plenty of decibels. EZ to hook up iPod too.

  5. Dan
    Dan says:

    Alex beat me to it. We use a battery powered Bose stereo hooked to my iPod. Sounds great, doesn’t drain the battery, and no holes required!

  6. jimmuh
    jimmuh says:

    Sorry young timers, I’m with John R: the only tune I’m interested in is the one my Scripps V12 is singing….
    (apologies to Frankie)

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