More Snow On The Way In Woodyboaterville. We Need Some Bob!

During the last spell of snow drifts…. Trapped behind my keyboard was all not that bad because of the fun email and comments I got…. One stood out though and I went back to it several times. Fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays sent me this video of a boat ride on Lake Hopatcong…Funny thing, when one shoots these videos, they seem silly at the time. No action, no topless women or explosions, nothing but a ride on the lake. It’s only in the dead of winter, buried in your office behind your computer that simple things like a warm nice uneventful boat ride is just the ticket. With more snow coming this weekend I thought it might be nice to share the kindness of Bob and his brilliant forethought.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Thank you I needed that a lot. Cold slushy rain mix this morning, just plain dreary. Brought back memories of my own Lake Hopatcong runs. Yea your right, in the middle of the winter the video seems pretty sweet.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wow beautiful boat and ride. Lake Hopatcong with no other boats. Either very early morning or offseason or both. In the height of the season one could almost walk from boat to boat across NJ's largest lake.

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