New Feature Coming Soon To The New Woody Boater

Last week we featured a wonderful story that was done over 10 years ago, and it still holds up. Many commented that they had not seen it, and who are some of the folks in the story. In the next week, the new Woody Boater site will go live. Bill Basler has done an amazing job and added that special design magic and the site rocks.


One of the coolest features, well, other than it all works, is a new Archive. With over 6,000 stories, 55,000 images and most likely 10,000 misspelled words, we wanted to save the archives, and all those toilet seat stories for future posterity.

The pages, 125 of them are full of stories set up in a way that they can be glanced over. Comments on many are shut off. Mainly for spam reasons. But at least the stories will be preserved. So stay tuned, and expect stuff to break, sputter and then come to life in a new wonderful way…..ish

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  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Thank you, to you & your team for finding a way to save the stories! Would have been a shame to lose that treasure.

  2. Gregory Wieckowski
    Gregory Wieckowski says:

    Willitt be possible then to type in Sweet Pea, and then glean ALL of the stories about her? Feel free to use ‘Willitt’!

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