New Words Added To The Woody Boater Dictionary.

Our version of the Webster Dicionary, Dictionairee

For many of our regular readers, the terms, “Sausage” “Milking” “Prerestoric” “Header Day” “Dim” “Horice” all make complete sense. But to new readers, you may wonder if I have lost my mind. YES, BTW. Anyway, you may also be surprised to know we actually have a Dictionary of such terms in the ABOUT section. Yes there is an ABOUT section. Its got all sorts of legal crap, and other yapping, but The Dictionary can be a help. And today I have added The terms and definitions. They are now official language in the Woodyboaterville Community.

Not milk

MILKING – The term used when I stretch out a one day story to a longer one, two days, or a week.

Prerestoric – The period of time when a boat is ready for restoration, and still is usable, but keeps going. The tension of you should, but don’t is the fun part.

Header Day – A day  that I am too lazy to make a header, Like today. Its a collection of old headers. Just hit refresh or the logo on the upper left, or the header and a new old one appears.

He’s a tool

DIM – Dim the the loving name for a Troll that thinks they are anonymous and keeps causing trouble in the comment section

HORICE – The name used in the comment section when you just want to spew hate. BTW, you will get made fun of, deleted, spamed and other stuff. But incase you see that name, you know we know, and well you know what to do.

Party on the ABOUT DECK

Thats it, there are many new words of course, but these ones have stood the test of time.

I need to go back to sleep now. 18 hrs of driving.


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    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Always good to know the language of the community.

      Since today’s story came in a little late I added a couple more comments to yesterdays Dee Wite story.

      Mike K since you bring up spelling: I am impressed that after two stories in a row no one corrected Matt for his Dee White stories.

      Speaking of Dee Wite boats: Does anyone know where this beauty is or if it still exists? Miss Dee Wite II

      What a beauty!!!!!!!!

        • Ollon
          Ollon says:

          It was out here in California for sale some years ago. $500,000 as I recall.
          It was about half way restored. The engines were done but the hull was not and would require extensive work since a large portion of the deck had been removed and I think it had been converted to a fishing boat. Not sure whatever happened to it. See you at the virtual Christmas Party.

  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    How about Babes on classic boats. Is there a term in the WB dictionary for that. Give us a term Troy.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      If Fiberglass Classics are called FiberGlassics I guess Babes on Classic Boats would be BabeLasics.

      Guess we will need to see what Matt says, after all it is HIS blog.

    • Charlie Berry
      Charlie Berry says:

      Reminded of the nautical term ‘yar’ meaning squared away as in ‘is she yar?’. Is that in your dictionary?

  2. Horace
    Horace says:

    Why do Dim and I take all the heat?

    What about George and Karen (not to be confused with Karen Harrison, she is AWESOME)?

  3. briant
    briant says:

    The unsinkable Titanic struck an iceberg and went under in two hours.

    You could throw Mr. Turbo’s pop tart above into the drink and she would truly be unsinkable.

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