No Power, But Woody Boater Is On!


The Hopefully trusty Generator

One AM this morning, it finally hit us. OK, it aint a Hurricane, but down here on the water the wind is very very strong, and with that downed trees. For those wanting a reference, we are hardhearted in Reedville Virginia which is considered the Middle bay area.  So what to do. Well, Mr no worries here figuring the storm was going to head out to Sea, had failed to follow his own postings. But, since I am a nut about doubleing up on stuff since I know I am an idiot. Had everything I needed in the barn. OK, in the barn tucked behind everything. So once the power went out, I started digging. The Generator which had not been run since Sandy, started on the third try. OH, wait, I forgot. She is running on Stinkys Gas! Thats right, Like the idiot I am. I forgot to get fuel. So a little siphon from Stinky ( By the way, Gas instead of coffee in the morning, is not advised) The good news,  we have generator power. Which in turn runs two things. One the Sump pump. Ya, I was going to install a battery back up. But the storm was.. Well you know.  And the other plug is to the wifi so we can broadcast.


Two life lines

So literally we have been working on Woody Boater since around 3 AM ish when the power went out. The good news is that I can no check all the important things in life. Like Instagram and what the Kardashians are doing. Ugh. So, happy Sunday in the rest of the world. Our best wishes go out to all our fellow Woody Boaters who are through the worst of it. Hope all ended well. If not, send Pictures!

And a special shout out to Stinky who is keeping the lights..light on for Woody Boater


Right now thats the most beautiful sump pump on the planet. Because its running

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt it sounds like you should brew up a Bloody Mary (OH YA you don’t drink) OK so make one for Suzy.

    Sandi and I are hunkered down at TugBoat Marina in Boothbay Harbor Maine. We were supposed to get showers this morning and clear this afternoon so we were headed to Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta. Now it is rain all day long. AB leaks when it rains so we have towels out everywhere.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Just rain up here in the Northeast all day today.

    Debating changing the oil and winterizing today but the 15 day forecast shows nothing below 36 degrees overnight. Probably will change the oil and hold off on draining the block and do a last run next weekend.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    It looks like you removed an earlier today story about the font fit Stinky. That was about 6:30 AM. Now about that generator, is it period correct to use for Woodyboater stories? Should it be 6 volt? Good luck with the storm.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I sometimes have timeless stories in the Q in case stuff like today happens. We havent missed a day in 8 years. Sometimes the fun is defying the odds. This morning in a VERY sick way was fun and I felt alive, especialy when the generator started after 2 years. That was fantastic. Just got the gas taste from my mouth.

  4. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    My son Danny lives in Charleston, on Daniel Island, and were expecting a cat 2 with 9 foot surge. They left town Friday am after expecting the worst. They got back yesterday, and found very little damage and no flooding on their island.
    Downtown Charleston did get some major street flooding, but from all the doomsday weather forecasters scaring everybody all week long, as usual, they were dead wrong.
    My son was most worried about the 9 foot sugre and how his brand new Mustang GT 500, the high end golf cart, and his “Whaler on a Trailer” all in the garage would end up…

  5. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    We made it! Just got power, telephone and internet restored! Tons of debris spread all over our pasture but we’re good. Now if only the river doesn’t keep rising!

      • Ranger
        Ranger says:

        We are northeast of Orlando or about 45 minutes to the east of Tavares. The storm sure did mess up our boating plans for this weekend. The Harris chain of lakes had a bunch of cool events that we were going to cruise to…
        We’ve got a good week of clean up but overall we’re good here! That’s okay boating weather is just around the corner!

  6. Vwcrash
    Vwcrash says:

    Just got power here in so FL been out since Thursday . Love my generator. Boat did well . Stay safe up there.

  7. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Good to here from the places in the path of Matthew reporting and that most are cleanup jobs. Pictures of Hilton Head Island marinas looked a shambles but hopefully recoverable. Someone must have put some fuel treatment in your generator to get it to fire off after a 2-3 year layoff. I can’t get a motorcycle to run right after 2 years of intermittent use due to quality of fuel issues.

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