Ohhhhhhh! The Irony. The ACBS Saga, Continues.


I came home last night and there sitting in the mail box, was my bill for membership renewal in the ACBS. And, they are thanking me for my support. Oh boy! Maybe the mail room didn’t get the memo. I suppose soon there will be a dart board with my logo on it. Ugh! I also got a very “offended and hurt ” email from the Webmaster. Ahhhh! Crap!… For the record I instantly emailed her back and told her that it was not personal, and that I was very sorry that she felt that way. I also extended an offer to her to become an author here on Woody Boater, as well as asked for her to comment, and invite all those in the ACBS to comment as well. Just no cursing. OK on this one I suppose cursing if done with style would deem appropriate towards me. The Webmasters job at the ACBS must be a very tough gig for sure. Here is this person, working extra to help, and just manage the information. And some dork with a blog is trashing her. She, the webmaster is an Innocent bystander here. I know that, and want all of you to as well. The ACBS for the record had a forum. It was very difficult to manage, as forums are. Getting experts to comment on folks questions is tough, especially when the expert may be an 80 year old guy that still uses a rotary phone. So the forum was yanked. BUT, time is marching on. And memberships needs need to be filled off-line at shows and events, but now online as well. That is clearly an issue that is clearly an upstairs issue, not at the webmaster level. So .. once again… I am sorry, you were offended….. But I am not backing down on my opinion. The website needs to remain relevant and give a reason for folks to come back to the site. A hub so to speak for the club to grow. That is critical for sponsors and members. SO, right now, I am holding off on my membership renewal. Because to be honest… I am upset and offended. That’s how this all started in the first place..

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  1. Editor
    Editor says:

    HA, Dear god! We will see! Not sure if it makes sense for them now. The best advice i could give them is to try this out. Have someone from the ACBS be an author, and contribute. Put this site on there front page as the ACBS blog. Thats what we do for others. It gives folks a reason to come back. Look at AOL’s front page. It has news on it. Now most sites are that way. The online world is changing by the hour these days.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt I wonder if the Antique Outboard Club has this policy. Would be interesting to know, and would speak VOLUMES??????????
    Phil, Va.

  3. Editor
    Editor says:

    Hi Phil, I don’t think it’s a policy anymore as much as… ???? Well I don’t know? It might be now that I pissed them off! She was about to link me and then read these comments. Those I always allow. It’s the truth, and how folks feel. Thank god I did not publish the flood of emails. Dear god! Those were not kind, and…. well… Most of the clubs have had no problem, and in fact are good leads for us. Blackwater is all over this. I get a nice chunk of visitors from there.

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