One Year For Antique & Classic Boating!


I can not believe it. One year old today. 311 stories. Who would have guessed there would be that much to talk about on a daily basis. Not me for sure. What a year, great shows, tons of new pals, and a deeper understanding of a great passion. I can not thank thank all of you enough for commenting and making my mornings that much more enjoyable. Many of asked how do I do it? Never why, oddly enough. How? I just do, I sit in front of the computer and dream it up. Hint, on the days that I am talking about an eBay special, I’ve got nuth’n. But those come fare less these days thanks to all of you. There is now a nice one week back log of fun stuff to talk about and hopefully make your mornings a little more fun. I am still trying to make the video thing work. Funny, my job is all about TV commercials and yet for this its tough. Maybe I will get my 16 year old son to figure it out. Here are some fun statistics for your pleasure.

48,658 Page Views
15,000 Unique Visitors.. Considering there are roughly that many folks in the hobby, this is amazing
50% of all new visitors return. That’s good
Folks spend an average of 3 minutes on the site.
Other than Google, The Chris Craft Club is the number one lead. Followed by
No hits from Joe Martell… yet

The USA leads the hits 24,766
California leads with 3100, Virginia 2,875 NY 2082, Illinois 1534, FLA 1603, Jersey, Exit 50… 1054, PA 500 Washington State 1,065, Wyoming…..1 Finally

Canada 1,144
Sweden 168
Germany 135, Danka
UK 250
Finland 120
France 107
China 5, Dang with all those Chinese folks… What the hell?
Spain 53
Turkey????? What the? 64… I got to hear this one. Who ever is reading from Turkey speak up!
Norway 53
Australia 171

OK this is getting boring.. Sorry.. But here it is, our first Annual Report. Thanks for being a part of it all. Matt

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  1. Chad Durren
    Chad Durren says:

    Congrats on the anniversary. Thanks for all the light-hearted humor and interesting topics. Keep it coming!

    FRANCHINI says:

    Congratulations, Matt! I look forward to reading your posts every morning. Keep up the great work, even if it is just an Ebay listing for something I didn’t even know I needed to have!

  3. Forever1928
    Forever1928 says:

    Keep up the good work! I “stop in” almost every day and enjoy your take on Antique and Classic Boating.

  4. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:


    Great work, as you know I am one of the folks that can’t understand how you find time for this, of course it just took me ten mins. to sign in, soooo “well dang!”.
    Going to event at D-ville museum this sat.
    John Rothert, Powhatan courthouse,
    Heard from Joe Martel of late?

  5. Editor
    Editor says:

    Thanks to you all and all the private emails. And yes even the one from my 6th grade english teacher! The scary thing is that I supervise writers for a living. Oh dear. The thing is, I grew up in europe and my parents thought that it was OK to go toy different schools. What a mess. I can’t spell worth a lick. I don’t know the difference between there, and thier. Is it i before e? How many sssss in Mississisisisppi? But that is the the point of this. I don’t care on this. Its all from the heart and fast. If I edited I would not do it. Everything else in my life has to be perfect and all polished up for the masses. So there is a freedom in this for me. So….. ummmm..mmm..

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