Oreo Wants A Woofy Boater Day!

Oreo loves a “boat ride” – we cant even use words that sound like float by. or show my. things get a little nuts

As summer begins officially, lets all celebrate our buddies that make our lives better. Hopefully you were able to spend the weekend out there with all of your family!

She has a little tude

We liked this house, Oreo didn’t like the hill – 4 car garage, pool, two boat houses.. 20 acres of mowing

Soft paws, and sits on a boat cushion for the ride

On the cushion

Since a pup she loves Woofy Boating

Her first swim years ago

With the Boatress

More swimming – her breed has a double coat of fur, so we always have to have her life jacket on. or she sinks like a rock

In her pink life jacket

Walking on the beach near home

No life jacket, no problem

Suzy 1 and Suzy 2 and Oreo

Hank, Suzy2, Emily and Oreo

A great side kick

She is the queen of the boat even when her sister and brother are on board


Hey Oreo, Hope you are making some new friends during Woofy Boater day! Or is it Woody Barker? Woofy Barker? Anyway… Attached is a picture of me riding in Big Red, a 1940s Kinnen, in Minnesota! Honey Bear

Hi Oreo, My friend Honey Bear told me about Woofy Boater… very cool! Here is a picture of my 1959 24′ Chris Craft Sportsman before the restoration project began. Good news was it floats, bad news is it needs more work than my owner can handle. I hear you have a boat just like this one… except nicer… LUCKY! Wendy Bean

And this little crew member in from Annette Kjonno

Who else is out there today?

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  1. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    Since a pup, she’s loved the coolness of the hull and the sound of water below. Not so crazy about outboard engines though.

  2. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Dogs and water go together well… especially if there is a tennis ball or two involved! The boat on the left is my beloved ANALOG (which is on ebay right now) and the one on the right is my new “classic”. (Hey! it’s 25 years old, give me a break!)
    I had 22 years with a Supra tournament ski boat and now back to that style. The kids and grandkids are ecstatic as they will be more comfortable now taking the boat out.

  3. Ronnie Mykols
    Ronnie Mykols says:

    My hubby must be slipping, CANNOT believe he did not post a picture of our Schnauzer for this article!!!!
    Guess he needs me after all ;~)
    This is Beemer and our sons dog Maddie cruising the Cooper River in Charleston, SC

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