Our App Works In Iowa – Just Say’n

too soon?

You can rest easy now,. Okay, okay, so our app, may be a first step and sometimes runs like a un restored barn find. BUT, it does work, and not only in Iowa, but all across the country and even around the the World..wide.. It’s not been updated and needs to be, a 2.0 app. Which I am about to do.

You cam be on WoodyBoater when you are on your Woody boat!

The other cool result of the Woody Boater app is that readership on phones and pads is now more than regular computers. So the move to an app even if its kinda lame, was a smart move. If you are interested in joining the Woody Appers. Just click here to find out more. And stay tuned for the next phase of Woody Apping.

it’s Woody Boater app-roved!

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  1. Berlin Büro
    Berlin Büro says:

    I saw the header and thought you photoshopped yourself in there a few times… Then I recognized some familiar faces.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Hey……I have a flip phone…..get I will just Go Boating….not until the weekend…..

    John in Va.

  3. Mike VanMiddlesworth
    Mike VanMiddlesworth says:

    That water on the Wicomico looks awful shallow! Hope no props were harmed while filming 🙂 That would be in “app” ropriate.

  4. Torben
    Torben says:

    Matt, the app is great and we especially love the world map! Great functionality to see how many boaters you inform and connect every single day and that some of them are just around the corner, even in Europe! So, not only in Iowa, it also works overseas! 🙂 Five star rating from us for the idea and we are sure it will be a great thing to develop further! Well done!!!

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