Pacific Northwest Chapter Presents – “Before & After” At The Big Seattle Boat Show


Brian Franchini’s perfect 1958 14′ Glassmagic Playmaster.

Late last night we received a Live-ish update from fellow Woody Boater Ron Stevenson, reporting from the floor at the 2014 Seattle Boat Show at CenturyLink Field & South Lake Union. The folks at the PNW Chapter have once again come up with a unique way to represent the hobby. – Texx

Pacific Northwest Chapter ACBS Presents
“Before & After” at The Big Seattle Boat Show!
Photos & Story by Ron Stevenson

And before Tavares, FLA no less! Oh, but none of our boats are in the water … does that matter? Oh, and only four boats, who cares, we are having fun! Except no boat rides inside, darn!

Right foreground, the cool 1957 6’3″ Skeeto with it’s 3HP West Bend engine restorted by 13 year old Cole Franchini. Left middleground is our “Before Boat” from the barn nobody found (we know it’s been there) a 1955 19′ Chris-Craft Capri (#CP 19-334) owned by club member Frank Gonzales’ parents, who bought it for their daughter Sarah some 20 odd years ago. And in the background is Warren Olson’s (after boat) also a 1955 19′ Chris-Craft Capri (CP-19-008) “Blondie”.


PNW Chapter ACBS display at the Seattle Boat Show.

The Before Boat


From the barn – a 1955 19′ Chris-Craft Capri (#CP 19-334) owned by the Gonzales family.


Original Chris-Craft Hercules 6 in the “Before Boat”

The After Boat

Warren Olson’s 1955 19′ Capri is a self-taught, home restoration. But it is only a 90 point boat! In other words, perfect except it has been re-powered with Chris-Craft 283 V-8.

Terrible! Absolutely terrible! Hmmm, 100 pounds less weight and 100 more horsepower….disgusting I say! He should have slipped in a 327 or 350 block doncha think?

Just kidding of course… It’s a beautiful classic. – Ron

Enough of the rant. We are here promoting the mission of the ACBS – Preservation, boat rides, something about history, boat rides, restoration, boat rides, etc. Did I mention boat rides? And selling memberships! Hey, does the ACBS ever do “two-fers”?

That’s the Seattle Boat Show report, except we have had two sunny days in a row! Oh, and they will shut down the show a day early on the 1st. Something about a football game?”

The 2014 Seattle Boat Show runs from January 24 – February 1 at CenturyLink Field & South Lake Union. If you are in the Seattle area and would like to talk “old boats” – the folks from the PNW Chapter would love to see you.

Best Regards,
Ron Stevenson

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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    Nicely done. The Capri is my favorite CC design (with the exception of “Miss Step”).

    The before-after display concept is genieus! The only thing better would be an active restoration workshop on the show floor and the TV show to go with it.

    Looks like the PNW chapter knows how to have some fun. The only thing that might dampen spirits is “OMAHA” after the show.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Further investigation indicates that the 19′ Chris-Craft Capri shown above (#CP 19-334) is actually a 1956 model.

  3. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Another chapter, Glacier Lakes is on display at the Milwaukee Boat Show. These guys REALLY know how to have fun! Dave Doyle and Cliff Muehlenberg relax between tours of the 8 classic boats on display, including Scott & Debbie Bruesewitz’ giant 1955 Permacraft.

  4. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Even with single digit temps and wind chills in doubles, the Glacier Lakes ACBS chapter was one of the busiest displays at the Milwaukee Boat show.

  5. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    “Before and After” is a great theme. The Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes chapter did this same thing at the Minneapolis Boat Show about six years ago. We had three sets of “Before and After” boats including: 1955 Thompson 14 ft. Thomboy outboard; 1942 CC 19 ft. barrel back; and the third escapes my aging mind.

    It was a hit at the show.

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