Pictures Starting To Come In. OUCH!

Photo Bob Kays – Lake Hopatcong

The shots started coming in late last night from around the northeast. Lake Hopatcong, and from around Baltimore. From reports though, in both areas folks did OK and one report says that Katz’s Marina is OK as well. Seth and the gang tucked away all the boats. Below are some images with the captions. It’s sad and hard to be about fun today when we know so many are in pain. What we went through on the Bay, was nothing compared to what we have seen on the news and from reports. To say my heart goes out to all our fellow Woody Boaters out there is so cliche. I hate saying it, but it really describes how I feel. The only silver lining is that the Northeast is packed full of energetic folks full of life.

This in from Bob Kays on Lake Hopatcong.

Our power came on at home tonight in NW NJ. Went to Lake Hopatcong ( no power around the lake yet) today and crossed the main lake in the rain to get to the Island houses. Everything OK for us and our neighbors, but The rest of the Island is devastated. 50+ trees down, road cover with trees and tele poles. Two homes crushed by trees.

These photos are from the main and only road on the Island that Bob has a home on . No photos from the pontoon boat ride, to wet.

One of very few times a boat ride was no fun.
Katz’s had all boats out and put away by Sat, great job.

this photo in from the Kadimiks in there driveway.

The Kadimiks driveway

This report in from Paddler! I did not correct the spelling. MAde me smile for the first time in days! Thanks..

Update in Ddak (Dundalk). Boats are everywhere! I have 4 in my back yard, one each on the first and second floor of the garage, two in the pier house, and one in the yard. The other 5 are safe in the country home of my dad. Don’t ask, but total footage of boats is between 160 and 200.

ANYHOW, the waters rose this morning right pronto into the yard. I needed a boat to get to the boathouse! Low tide wasn’t, and now we are waiting for the 8 o’clock tide. And since we were not supposed to be on the roads here in Baltimore, Kristin Brian and I decided to take the boat down to the local watering hole for hot coco. Never mind the hurricane. Plus we found and dragged home the following: two 5 gallon buckets, one live box for crabs, and one big dock box filled with all kinds of good boat junk.

The owner can claim her box if she describes corectly the life ring, net, tarps, paddles, pump, raft, dock line, stainless steel anchir-chain-and-rhode (and has the key to the lock). Good luck to everyone on the bay and up north in Sandys path.



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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    No reports from the Salties at the shore, there was alot of water that made it to the bay from the ocean, with lots of homes in between.

  2. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    You will never see this, I have been blocked from this site for some years;

    ‘Salties’ at NJ???????

  3. Tom/vintage marine
    Tom/vintage marine says:

    Long Island is hammered, over 800,000 without power.
    Anyone on the shoreline has serious problems. Power
    authority says 7-10 days. Fortunately for me, i haven’t
    lost power. Long Islanders are used to this crap. We
    will get over it and rebuild.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    No electric, cell sevice,internet or cable at home. Running off a generator and I’m typing this from a shopping center hotspot. Long Island got clobbered, Fire Island has houses washed away and we have new inlets thru the barrier island. Many boats sunk or on the beach, I got lucky and mine are intact. Problem with gas is stations need power, sometimes need to go over a town or two. This is the first time i’m on since it hit. Will send pics when I can. Looks like a couple of weeks probably before all is up and running again. Hope everyone is safe. Sorry no witty remarks today.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Rick – Thanks for the update… It’s good to hear that you and Tom are doing OK (considering the circumstances) out on Long Island.

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