Post Christmas Post – Is It Time To Get Started On That Wooden Boat Restoration Project?

Well, another great Christmas is now in the record books. Mom and the family are in the process of returning their gifts and everyone is happy. Maybe it’s a good time to get started on that wooden boat project that you have been thinking about. If your boat looks like this fixer upper 20′ Custom (above), probably if you get started this week she will be ready to haul down to Mt. Dora for the 2011 Sunnyland ACBS Show at the end of March.

Or if your dream boat looks like this U-22… A little frame work maybe some stringers, a few coats of varnish, a new trailer and your on your way to Florida for the big show!

This nice runabout appeared to just need a little TLC and a tune up on the original motor… We all know that it’s important to remain optimistic during the restoration work, and usually the old boat is done before you know it…

This old girl just needed some transom repairs, a windshield and a few coats of varnish and will be ready to hit the lake this summer to do some water skiing with the kids. Classic Fins Rock!

These original 1956 Chris-Craft 21′ Continental’s are rare and quickly becoming popular with collectors. The guys at the lake are sure to be impressed when you show up with a beauty like this in the spring, and you proudly say that you fixed her up over the winter. Classic Fins Too!

Or maybe all your dream boat needs is the bright work polished up to impress the judges.

I spotted this guy recently, he was well under way with his antique boat restoration project. He was just waiting for his new rebuilt motor and interior kit to arrive by FedEx Ground.

So why wait – take a drive down to your local Binford Tool Store, grab some tools and get started. Mt Dora is less than 3 months away, so get going and we will look forward to seeing you in March in Florida – WoooHooooo!

Thanks to Jim Staib from Fine Wood Boats for providing some of the images for our story.


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    FRANCHINI says:

    I wonder if that poor Correct Craft (the finned one missing the transom and other various parts) made it home from the Warner auction. I watched the bidding via the internet on that boat since I have two of the same model and would not have paid the $250 bid. Ever the optomist, I will pretend it is tucked into a restoration shop somewhere slowly returning to its former glory. Who knows, maybe I will see it at Mt. Dora this year!!

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