Proof That Heaven Exists. And It’s For Sale!

Some folks look for a sign, or go to church weekly just to believe that heaven is a better place to spend the rest of your days. Well, actually, heaven is a tad farther north than “up there” It’s in Michigan on Lake Charlevoixe. INSANE kinda stuff. We have featured this before, but thanks to fellow Woody Boater Troy Hersom those of us that missed it the first time can see the light. Through the windows… You can make a 7 ish million dollar donation here. and heaven is all yours.

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    Thanks Guys!
    What an amazing house.
    I have to give props to my friend Scott Favreau from Bamforth Marine in Brunswick Maine for telling me about it so I could search youtube.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    WOW! Love the fact that you can be out on your balconies or stroll inside without the huddled masses observing you. Also I was concerned that there didn’t appear to be dock space for when friends dropped in with their smaller vessels (like 45-60 feet) if I was currently using the 90′ spot. Alex, it looks like you’re going to have to upgrade if you want to compete.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      To those of you who disparage glass boats, this is the house that clorox built. Sell to the masses, live with the classes.

      To my tastes, it’s “too many notes.” Er, boats.

      Nah. That’s not possible.

      Can’t be heaven though. Not a 25′ Sportsman in sight. Perhaps it’s the waiting room?

  3. Ken
    Ken says:

    Growing up on lake Charlevoix not too many years ago (this hobby isn’t just for old guys!) boating by this and looking at all those beautiful boats hanging in that boat house on a warm summer night when all the lights were on and the doors were open was, and is, a jaw dropping experience. Now that I think about it, this house is probably what caused me to catch the bug! Here’s hoping that it goes to a good owner who doesn’t fill it completely with fiberglass.

    On an added note the house has the best view on the lake of the Venetian Festival boat parade and fireworks. Bring your checkbook!

  4. Tom Frye
    Tom Frye says:

    Had the opportunity to view the Winn house in person with the Water Wonderland Chapter of the ACBS. Just unbelievable. The Winn’s were very gracious hosts. What a treat. It’s a jaw dropper.

  5. brian t
    brian t says:

    Frankly Scarlett, I do not think that Heaven is in Michigan.

    Maybe I can purchase just the boathouse portion and ship it out West…..

  6. Jim Mersman
    Jim Mersman says:

    We too had the chance to see it at the 2010 ACBS annual meeting meeting. The game room is just as over the top as the boat house. The Winns were very gracious hosts. The boat related collections are museum quality and quantity. Could have spent a week there! Maybe a Woody Boater Inn or B&B&B is an option. (Guess what the last B stands for)

  7. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    It’s a great house. It’s nice that John winn lets us visit. Just to pop your bubble, many of the items and some of the boats are replicas – so a few judging points off . But the house is real wood!

  8. hamster
    hamster says:

    Thanks for the video, I have not seen our old 36 foot Stephens since John bought and moved it into his boat house. Brings back a flood of great memories .

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Just got around to seeing this blog as I’ve been on the road. I delivered that Aristocraft hanging in the boathouse and when I was told to contact a John Winn for delivery details, I didn’t know who he was. When my 12 yr old son and I pulled up to the house our jaws were dropping even before seeing the boats. I backed the trailer down to the cat walk going around the inside of the boat house and John lifted the boat and invited us up to the chart room. My son went gaga over the pinball machines, skee ball, bowling, the suspended train, and other “man cave” items. When I saw the hydros with “Winn Bros” painted on the side I asked him if he was associated with the boat company. DUH. Yes, John is very accommodating and let my son “try” out some of the pinball machines.

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