Riva Super Technician Lino Morosini Passed Away This Week

We received sad news from Master Riva Restorer Sandro Zani in Holland to let us know that Lino Morosini – famous Super Technician with Riva and RAM recently passed away. (Lino above right with Carlo Riva left and Anselmo Vigani in the middle – he is Carlo’s nephew and runs RAM today)

From Sandro Zani…

Hi Texx – Just wanted to let you know that Lino Morosini passed away earlier this week after heart surgery 6 days before. He was the chief engine department at the Riva yard for many years before moving to RAM as technical advisor.

You can find more information about him in the Riva books as he was a key person for many years at Riva. I recently had the pleasure again of talking with him about the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini, and he provided us with very valuable information and details about this historical boat.

On the RAM website http://www.riva-ram.com/index-eng.html in the HISTORY page, you will find a picture (as shown above) of Lino with Carlo Riva and Anselmo Vigani posing in front of a Aquarama. Lino is standing on the right.

Regards – Sandro Zani

Thanks for sharing this sad news with us today Sandro. Below is another photo of Lino Morosini (circa 1970’s) doing what he loved best, photo courtesy of our friend James Ferris.

Image of Carlo Riva, Lino Morosini and Anselmo Vigani courtesy of RivaRAM.com (you can click here is go to the English version of the Riva RAM website.)


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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    It’s always a sad day when you lose one of the good guys. I know he will be missed and appropriately honored by all who knew him and his work.

  2. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    On a brighter note Carlo Riva had his 90th Birthday on Feb 24th. He is in good health and spirits.

    For those interested you can learn more about 2012 being a very special year.

    170 years of Riva boat building

    90 years of Carlo Riva

    50 years of the Riva Aquarama



  3. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    We are hoping our good friend Anselmo visits us in Lake Tahoe this summer and perhaps other members of the Riva family – unfortunatey Carlo Riva today sent me a letter that he will not be able to attend but sends his heartfelt wishes.

    By the way, I am pretty sure that Carlo has a Riva Club USA shirt on in that picture.

  4. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks for the update Marty. Earlier today as we were preparing the story about Lino, we were trying to determine the approximate year of the photo from the RAM website.

  5. Anselmo
    Anselmo says:

    Dear Friends,

    RAM will miss the Great Lino !!! His role in the RIVA History was so important and he was in love with his job at RIVA and at RAM.

    The photo with Ing. and me was shooted by Olaf Tamm here at RAM…nice days in 2006 !!! and Marty is right:  Ing. Riva had the Riva Club t-shirt !!! For him USA was/is always his target.

    CIAO !! 

    • marty feletto
      marty feletto says:

      Hey Anselmo – yes, the great Lino will be missed!!!.

      We need to do a story about you and RAM for this here in the US – OK with you? If so – I want to get you to get in contact with Matt Smith and Reg Down who do this web page. Your story, and that of Riva, are compelling to all who own wood boats. I want you to do this – I now you are conservative about your role but you are now are Riva and the story is wonderfull. Please just use the contact portion of this web page to say hi to them and I will help also along the way. Matt/ Reg – please contact Anselmo also.  One of these days he is going to move to California …….


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