Saddam's Yacht! For The Man That Had It All…They're Ready To Deal Deal Deal!

OK I felt bad when my Chris Craft did not sell. Or the Trojan Hot Shot… Maybe it was me, the way I wrote the ad… Maybe it was eBay… Maybe not! According to several Media outlets…. Now including WoodyBoater… Woohooo, we are a media outlet…… Here it is! Saddam’s Yacht… They can’t sell it. Not even for the fire sale price of $30 million. It would take $150 million today to build it.. So I don’t feel so bad about my restoration after all… But then again, I did not build the optional pre war missile launcher like this yacht has… Or… yes…. the escape hatch to a submarine… Ohhhhhhh! Dang! I got to have one of those… Dr Evil…your yacht is at pier 6! And we must not pass over the Arabesque Decor of gold and blue deep pile carpet… mmmmmmm… Just think how impressed Thelma will be as you pull up to the “Bait and Steak” dock for some beer and worms.

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  1. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    I don’t know about Saddam’s boat, but there is a great Egg Harbor on Boatangel right now, currently the last ad on the first page, ….go to boats for sale tab.
    Egg Harbor Sport fish 1966, I looked at this boat in Deltaville a couple of years ago when she was for sale for like 20K, she is a classic, and on Boatangle will surely go CHEAP….I hope someone will buy her and save me from her. Great local boat that will sell for less than the price to have her hauled and painted, which was recently done….
    John Rothert

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    They need to plank it in mahogany, rename it Thayer XX, claim it was in a movie and was also the largest barrel back ever made. Watch the bidding war begin!

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