San Diego ACBS Fall Gathering – Classic Boating In The Shadow Of The USS Midway

Fellow Woody Boaters and Southern California Roving Reporters Maggi & Rob Cassell sent us this report from last weekend’s San Diego ACBS Fall Gathering on the Pacific Coast. As you can see, the antique & classic boaters joined in with the big boys for a fun weekend outing. Take it away Maggi…

2011 San Diego ACBS Fall Gathering

Fifty members the Southern California ACBS club enjoyed the hospitality of the San Diego Yacht Club this weekend, including beautiful sunny weather, 15 boats in the water, and one static display.

Saturday morning, we had flat seas for a motoring adventure out of the bay at Point Loma, across a bit of open water, and then spontaneously circled to photograph each other in front of the historic Hotel Del Coranado, then back
into the bay, around to the inland side of the Hotel Del.

Image Courtesy of the Hotel Del Coronado

Since its opening in 1888, the Hotel Del Coronado has attracted filmmakers, presidents and royalty. A National Historic Landmark, is situated along 31 oceanfront acres on Coronado Island, and is considered one of America’s most beautiful resorts.

Today, the legend continues to unfold with the recent unveiling of the dramatic enhancements of a $55 million restoration. With year-round sunshine and classic Victorian architecture, the famous Hotel Del is a favorite for romantic getaways, family adventures, meetings and conferences. You can click here to go directly to the Hotel Del website.

(We have had the pleasure of spending a few weekends at the Hotel Del Coronado and if you ever get the chance, check it out, you won’t be disappointed… it’s a very cool spot – Texx)

Image Courtesy of the Hotel Del Coronado

The group received smiles and waves from other boaters in the waterway, as this unexpected regatta of wooden boats roared by, and made a close visit to the docked aircraft carrier USS Midway.

We introduced our 1941 15’6″ Chris Craft to salt water for the first time, and took some fun pictures during this glorious, bright day off the shores of San Diego.

Could this be Dave “Wicked Wahine” Anderson in his freshly restored South Coast lapstrake, and if it is, is he doing repairs… or having a nap in the sun… checking for leaks, or…? – Texx

Many thanks to Ken and Sue Slaght, who organized the event. John Westin assembled his photos of the morning regatta into a slide show with music that we enjoyed during desert aftger dinner on Saturday.

Happy Boating! – Maggi & Rob Cassell

Thanks Maggi & Rob for the great report from San Diego and the Pacific Ocean.

Prior to the San Diego event, fellow Woody Boater Dave “Wicked Wahine” Anderson sent us this event schedule (below). When we were preparing this story I noticed a few things on the schedule for Saturday that made me think these SoCal folks really know how to have a good time at a boat show. (You have to use your imagination when you read this…)

Saturday, Oct. 1st

– 2:00PM to 4:00PM: Coast Guard Boarding Drills led by John Maddox
– 6:00PM: Cocktails (no-host) and Awards Dinner (SDYC-Staff Commodore Room – 2nd Floor)
– Midnight: Speed Run led by John Maddox

Of course this is all very safe and part of the fun classic boating weekend, but I hope someone who attended the event can chime in to describe how everything all worked out on Saturday night at Midnight…


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  1. matt
    matt says:

    If you want o see some classic boats and the hotel, watch ” some like it hot” with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and jack lemon.. Very very very funny and a true classic film, all shot at the hotel, with some cool boat stuff.. Worth it just for the laughs…

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Texx, Yes the “WICKED WAHINE” had her debut at our San Diego Gathering. The weather was spectacular all weekend around 82 each day and glassy conditions for all to enjoy. The WAHINE plyed the waters off of Point Loma and Mission Bay with nary a problem, Although a few minor glitches along the way which were to be expected. (Found out that you can take a nap next to the engine box) No encounters this year with Home Land Security, or Buoys, or Cruise Ships,or Aircraft Carriers or the US NAVY with the exception of the Admiral. Great Time was had by All. Many Kudos to Ken & Sue Slaught for all their time and effort, and to Rob and Maggi for their superb Photo`s. Thanks Texx for the coverage.

    Dave “WICKED WAHINE” Anderson

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    Dave – Congrats on the successful launch of “Wicked Wahine” in San Diego.

    When I was preparing the story, I completely forgot about how the folks from Home Land Security or the US Navy would feel about you guys cruising around those big boats… Glad it all worked out.

  4. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    My wife and I spent several weeks at the Del on our honeymoon in Nov. 2001, then back for 3-4 week stays every other year or so, and on the five and ten-year anniversaries. We stayed so long when our daughter was three she knew her way around the hotel and even referred to it as “home”.

    It’s a great place to stay. We take day trips northward when the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park or Seaworld have gotten old. Even though you can see the large flag at the border, we have never been far in that direction. The Silver Strand is great.

  5. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Thank you Texx, Matt and Dave for your input. Would love to see more. Looks like a Lyman even the windshield pre 1961. Nice job Dave! I remember the previous story.

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