Springtime In New Zealand!

Mid Century, Century.

As we all say so long to summer, and boating season here in the U.S. ( Ya ya FLA! ) Anyway, as we park our boats away, they are saying hello to Boating Season in New Zealand. We got this report in from Phil Andrews who was part of the greeting party for some new boats to arrive from Lake Tahoe. And we now share them with you.

The Century and Chris Craft Arrive to their new home in New Zealand. Did they have to wait in quarantine for 14 days? Sorry New Zealand for all our COVID Goo! Cough Cough.. 

The boats are safe now. No chance of catching anything. Except folks imaginations!

The Love Boat!

A work of art!

In NY this means its a clean restaurant. No rodents?

OH YA – I love me some carbs

Tucked away with some wonderful fuel friends

What a cool engine

Steve McQueen is keeping an eye on things


LOVE the old family photos – these are true treasures and these memories are embedded in the wood!

Phils Lancia outside the Garage. WOW, thats a cool space

Is it a frame? A Window? YES!

More old photos CAMP!

Hey wait one second! IT’S SPRINGTIME! As in boating season. Shouldnt the boats be near the door?

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    • Steve Anderson from Michigan
      Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

      I agree, Greg! I in the final phase of restoration on mine and noticed that this one has open bow chocks, which I prefer. My guy working on it doesn’t want to reinstall them until I find a set of the correct closed chocks!

  1. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Love that grille on the Coronado! I wonder how many pounds of chrome that boat carried? What boat had the most pounds per foot?

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Steve Lapkin and I have been discussing both these boats out of the defunct Tahoe Maritime Museum. Steve was one of the original founders of the Museum.
    He tells me that Lago del Cielo is the name the Native American Indians gave to Lake Tahoe over 150 years ago, meaning Lake of the Sky. Also Lew Dobbins who knew the boats intimately says he started the big MCL back in June and she ran beautifully.

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