Stay Tuned For Live – ish Reports From The Scene At Katz’s Marina.

Its amazing when a community comes together. Good Karma i suppose..

Its amazing when a community comes together. The Katz’s gang has given so much to the community. Now the community is helping out. Amazing group of folks.. Jersey strong!

We are en route this AM to Lake hopatcong to document the removal of the roof on the Katz’s marina storage building. Housing some 50 rare and perfect show boats. Today will be the day that we are able to see what was saved and what is gone. The crane is set up in record time. As Tommy put it. “It’s good to know people” 300 ton crane. We will be there around 10 AM and report as it happens. We hope.. Stay tuned this weekend.

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      • Dave Clyne
        Dave Clyne says:

        So beautiful ! What a contrast with pics for today’s story. I see an empty table. Do you think if I left right now….?

        Hope that crane reveals some good news.

  1. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    We lost a storage building at my family’s marina back in the 70’s. It wasn’t nearly as large as the Katz’s. I remember how difficult it was to extricate the boats from the wreckage without doing more damage, very dangerous at times. I hope everyone stays safe. Looks like they have the right tools.

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