Thanks To All Woody Gravy Boaters!

Wow! What a year.. I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for reading, commenting and contributing to Woody Boater this year.. I was going to sit down and single out all the players like I normally do.. But to the list has gotten to large.. And I fear that the music would stop half way through and I would be shoved off the stage. We will be having our big year end awards for that.. As to next year. I want to shout out to our sponsors. Who with in hours of being asked to contribute to keep this going and grow it, not only jumped in but blew us away with support and kindness. As Chris from Hagerty said.   WoodyBoater has been about the only true “new” thing to happen to the Hobby in the last 5-7 years!! It will be a must have “go to” for the next generation afflicted with this mahogany & glass obsession.” And Mecum’s instant response .. “We are in”  Antique Boat Center.. “Of Course we are in.. We love Woody Boater”.. And new Sponsors like Katz’s marina.. ” I tell everyone about Woody Boater it’s the future” Herb from Sierra Boats… “See you in Tahoe this year.. Count us in”  Along with Hagerty and Antique Boat Center, original founding supporters like Dale from Kocian Instruments and Dan Nelson from Nelson Boat Works all jumped in to support this madness.. Texx is still sitting up in Canada smiling.. We all are.. We get to live out a passion in a constructive way now because of the support we get.. You to can thank these companies and support them.. We are after all all in this gravy boat together.. Thanks for reading, clicking and sending us stuff.. We look forward to more fun and exciting things in the year to come.. HATS!

Next stop.. Lake Dora!.. only 4 months away.. Dear god.. that’s always supposed to sound close.. UGH.. We need to make something happen here… Did you know there is a 4th Thayer IV boat? Nooooooo, just kidding…. 

Happy Thanksgiving.. 

Matt, Texx, and crew!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    From the factory black and white photographs I could have sworn that gravy boat had an orange boot stripe. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    As Chad says, Thanks to you guys for all the fun stuff all year round. It all goes very well with coffee.

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