The 2012 Woody Boater Gift Ideas That You Would Give Yourself!

A New Set Of Gauges From Kocian Instruments. Nothing says I love you like a new set of gauges for next summer. Who cares if the boat is about to sink, at least the dash will look good. Dale Kocian is the go to source for gauges around the country and as about as nice as Santa himself. Trust us here. This is a fantastic gift. Click here for Kocians website, tell Dale Woody Boater sent you.

Now that you have been through all the Malls and Walmarts in search of that perfect gift for your family members, it’s time to dream to what you may actually want. Now here is the problem. Your passion is so obscure that there is no way in H.E Double hockey sticks  anyone in your family will know what to get you. So even if they did want to get you a complete set of screws… Would they be Reed and Prince heads or Philips.. Pre War boat? AHHHHH! So. We thought, lets have some cool gift ideas here that you can just forward the story to your loved ones and they will see all the places and things you may actually want.

Now you may decide you want to buy for yourself. That’s OK. But remember, you are impossible to shop for. And you may get something even cooler if you engage there ability to make you happy. Think for a minute, you end up buying the same thing for yourself as they do. And BAM, you’re toast. The way it can work if done right, the family all comes together and gets you that …. you always wanted. And you would have been happy with just a set of screws. Think bigger.. Real big..19 feet big!! Let them see and read the images below, we will take care of the rest. We are professional marketing people. We will do our best to sell this stuff to them.  Now either forward this to them, or leave the screen open on the home computer. Trust them..

So the rest of this story is to all the Woody Boatresses, and Woody Boaterlets out there. Everything on this list would be cool to get your Woody Boater! They will be in awe of how thoughtful you are, how you spent hours of research hunting for that perfect gift.. How truly thoughtful of you.

Chris Craft The Essential Guide  by Gerry Conrad:  This is a MUST HAVE for all Woody Boaters. It’s the go to bible for all Chris Craft. These are out of print and not that easy to find. And if you do. EXPENSIVE! The good Folks at Antique Boat America have a mess of them for $55 You can click here to there online store and if your Woody Boater already has one. There is a ton .. couple tons…of stuff online to shop for he or she will love.


The Antique Boat Center Varnish Patch Kit. This is a must have for every Woody Boater, you can package it yourself. Got a bafoon of a driver? Does he or she scrape the boat all the time and curse at you? Now you can be the hero either over the holidays for your thoughtfulness, or in the summer when the inevitable happens. This is like insurance. Varnish Patch Kit includes the following:
Quart – Pettit 1015 Captain’s varnish
2 oz. – Medium viscosity adhesive
7 oz. – Accelerator/Activator
3” – (2) Foam brush
1” – (2) Foam brush
Video instructions are available to view at
Retails – $54.02
Special Holiday Price – $45.00 CLICK HERE, this item is NOT on there site, it’s a Woody Boater exclusive! They will package it up for you.


OK, this is no ordinary art. There is a a bunch out there and all our Sponsors sell cool prints. What makes this Woody Boater worthy? You can add a name on the back of the boat. Cool? You bet. Makes it Gift able for sure. Darrell Bush is amazing and the site is loaded with cool stuff. Click Here and shop away.. Not sure of time needed for this, so act fast!


The Last Wood Chris Craft Runabout made. ITS PERFECT! 1961 19 Capri. From Katzs Marina. This is more than just a boat. Its More than Art. It’s history. And it could be your Woody Boaters. It even comes with a warranty! It’s priced at $135,000 making it the grand prize of gift ideas. But if you call and mention Woody Boater, you will get a special Woody Boater EXCLUSIVE discount! Click here and imagine how happy your Woody Boater will be! We will even come to your location and document the entire gift giving live on Woody Boater.   Click here for that extra gift you will need when you give it!


Monkey Fist Key Chains With A Punch! OK, a funny name, but these are very cool, and fit the feel of your Woody Boaters ride. A great under $10.00 gift. Thanks to the good folks at Sierra boat Company on Lake Tahoe. FOR THE ULTIMATE GIFT attach an airline ticket to these to Tahoe for the big show this summer.  This event is the big event of the year for Woody Boaters on the west coast. You will have fun as well. Tell them Woody Boater sent you.


A  Guilt Free Bottom Job! For the record this is not Liposuction for you. But he will love you forever for it. It’s a complete new bottom for the boat! It’s a must do for safety and resale on all classic woody boats. Expect to pay around $1,000 – $2,000 a foot by the way. He will know where to get it done. This may be the easiest most expensive gift you give. The process can take some time, and who does the job can effect price and quality. If you are not sure who to do the job, we will be glad to provide names of reputable folks. Click on the image and it will blow up to a 8×11 image. Suitable for printing.


Sons of Varnish Black Hoodie – This is not even live yet, but at the printer being made. They are due in two weeks. Cutting it real close. We are working on a pre order on the Store today. That’s how new this item is. And yes, there are a ton of XXL’s Trust me, he will love it! ALSO, Black Sons Shirts. In XXL!  Click here for the store. 


Real Classic Boat Hat – Midway Hat Co in Chicago. The real deal, not the cheap joke crap out there. Not Lancaster Quality, but they are out of business. Midway has been in business since the 40’s so these are the real deal though. Not sure if they can make the deadline. But if your Woody Boater does not have a real hat yet. This is the one. We did a story on Midway a ways back. Click Here for the story and here for Midway Hat Co.


The Harold & Lorna, World Water Speed Champions DVD – Trust us, they do not have this item yet. Just was released yesterday. You can read all about it on the story below this story on Woody Boater. ORDER HERE.


ACE 5 Gallon Bucket – This may save your life. 5-10 bucks at your local Ace hardware store. Laugh at it, he will love you for it. You can get a lid for it, maybe even some tools, spray bottle full of a 50 / 50 vinegar water mix to clean varnish, for the inside. The concept is that its a simple storage unit, and if all fails, a bucket for scooping water out of the boat. It has saved many. Read the story here.

And of course, if all else fails, we have insurance,  Back up Gift Ideas for Classic Boaters from Hagerty Marine Insurance all in bold. Woody Boater added the links and snide remarks.

•    Club Membership – Perfect opportunity to join the boat club you’ve been scoping out. and Chris- Craft Antique Boat Club
•    Boating Magazine Subscription – Keep up on current news and trends within the boating community. Classic Boating Magazine facebook page. Or call them on this thing called a phone. Ask the operator after you wind up your phone, or something called mail? They do not have a website.
•    Life Jacket/Flotation Vest – Make sure you have enough life jackets on board and that they’re in good condition. That simple decision might save a life. Don’t Forget the 4 legged crew!
•    Lines – One of the most overlooked items for any boater; don’t wait until you need one to find out how valuable they are. Antique Boat Center and Sierra boat Co, have some very cool matching colored lines. Makes a great looking gift as well.
•    Charitable Donation – The holidays are a time for giving, and there is no better way to support the classic boating lifestyle than to make a donation to a museum or foundation focused on preserving historic vessels.
•    Lake Art – Memorialize your favorite lake with 3-D framed wall art on wood. Great for the house and/or cottage. Visit
•    Dry Bag/Case – We all know someone who has dropped their cell phone into the water – you may have done it yourself. Protect your phone – and your wallet – with a waterproof bag or case.
•    GoPro Camera and Case – You don’t have to be a California movie director to capture great action shots. With a GoPro camera and waterproof case, you can shoot video of your boat cutting through the water from on the deck or below the hull.
•    GPS – Make those three-hour tours a little less stressful with GPS to guide you home quickly and safely.

– Ben Walmer, Hagerty


Thanks Ben and all the folks that helped us out with some great ideas. Now if any of you can help me figure out what to get the boatress. And no, another hat is not in the picture. If you have had any success with gifts, please contribute here. We need all the help we can get. Matt & Texx




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    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Maybe it was a typo but Sins of Varnish on a T-shirt with a couple of pics of BAD varnish jobs could be funny.

        • ranger
          ranger says:

          yup, it started out as a typo…but i caught and figured it was all too true…

          my obssession with these damn wooden boats is going to send my dear husband running straight into the arms of a divorce attorney one of these days, i swear!

  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    “Sins” of Varnish? Sigmund made you type that Ranger! Way funny, and all too close to the truth.

    How bout the gift of gas? Exxon certificates. Nothing says I love you like a tank of plenty from “big oil.”

    And here are some stocking stuffer ideas. Flares, a whistle, an air horn (keep it away from the kids!), a Leatherman, a swim mask (to see line tangled around the prop), a sharp knife (to cut said line), a hand held Icom VHF radio, Shamwows (don’t laugh, they work, and Vince the TV huckster probably needs the bail money), leather conditioner, chrome polish, 104+ octane boost (Viagra for the vessel), and a floating flashlight.

    A few other ideas that wont fit in a stocking. A cordless vac (to get sand off the flooring), a Tilly hat (best of the best on the water and guaranteed for life —, a non slip coffee mug (for early morning wipe-downs and or early morning boat rides).

    If you’re feeling especially guilty, but not quite guilty enough to buy Seth’s Capri, there’s always a new tow vehicle (recomment diesel power). Still not that guilty? How about a new custom trailer.

    I’m sure more will come to me later.

  2. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas, maybe no chamois again this year. I hoping for a pair of those monkey things. Off to Tahoe…

  3. Wicked Wahine
    Wicked Wahine says:

    AAAH! Mahogany Monday finally arrived. I have been waiting all weekend for these gift ideas. How about a thirst-aid kit. For when you run out of gas! Or a long bungee cord attached to you & your bow when launching

  4. Charley Quimby
    Charley Quimby says:

    Here’s one: A case of Pettit Bak-V-Spar. Oh, that’s right, it is no longer available! Sorry, sometimes me forgets how much we have progressed. What brain decided that one of the best-looking and application-friendly varnishes needed to become obsolete?

  5. mike k
    mike k says:

    if anyone has one of those sweet cadillac crusader tacks thats on the top of this page, well, ive been a very good boy and it would go great in the streblow that im redoing with the cadillac engine!!!!!

    mike k

    • Charley Quimby
      Charley Quimby says:

      Mike…I have oodles of Cal Connell stuff, and I am getting ready to sell the bunch. In there someplace is a Crusader gage. Give me a few days then call 410-586-2182, 9a-5p est, or send an e-mail. Charley

  6. CJP
    CJP says:

    Some awesome ideas for the holidays and here’s one more. For those outboard Woody Boaters, consider the book “Iron Fist – The lives of Carl Kiekhaefer, Industrial Caesar of a marine industry empire.” Written by Jefferrey L. Rodengen the author of The Legend of Chris-Craft, it’s a pretty fascinating read of an incredible albeit obsessed talented American Industrialist. For those who might not know who Carl was, hmm how would that be possible, Car l Kiekhaefer was the founder and wizard behind Mercury marine and its many, many industry firsts. Happy Holidays!

  7. Pete
    Pete says:

    The Essential Guide must have had a price increase since Matt was on Antique Boat America the price went from $55 in the ad above onsite it is $75.
    Maybe it is a Christmas Special

  8. Ron Stevenson
    Ron Stevenson says:

    A California Water Blade, it is silicone squeegee, will not scratch varnish, used on classic cars for years. Standard equipment in the Pacific Northwest!

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