The ABC’s of DIY by the ACBS – Coming To A Workshop Near You In 2011

Early Morning Sunnyland Antique & Classic Boat Festival 2010 - Robert Miracle Image

With only a few days to go before the kick off of the 24th Annual Sunnyland Antique & Classic Boat Festival in Tavares, Florida we want to take this opportunity to thank the Sunnyland Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society for making this event possible. Under the leadership of Boat Show Chair Terry Fiest, the hard working show committees and countless volunteers will once again make this event one of the most popular antique & classic boat shows of the year.

Next Thursday, the day before the official start to the Sunnyland show, the Antique & Classic Boat Society will be holding the first in a series of symposiums planned throughout the year. Due to the large number of folks registered for the one day symposium on Thursday, event organizer Dick Werner indicated that it may be necessary to run concurrent sessions, which will we held at the Temple of Restoration (General engine maintenance & trouble shooting) and Rejuvenation Woodworks (Best methods for plank removal & replacement) throughout the day. If you are already pre-registered, you may want to check in with the ACBS before Thursday to confirm the schedule.

The Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) surveyed over 6,000 members to get their input on the subject of symposiums, to determine if the membership felt that this was an area of continued interest within the hobby. The ACBS Symposium Committee received over 2,500 responses back to the electronic survey, with over 97% responding “Yes” to continuing with the symposiums.

However, the general feeling from the members responding to the survey was that the symposiums should be organized as more local, hands-on events which are easier and more cost effective to attend, and be one or two day events. More like workshops rather than symposiums, to learn more about general boat maintenance and repair such as plank replacement, varnish & staining, engine maintenance, etc.

In response to the symposium survey, Dick Werner (ACBS Past President 2009) and the ACBS Symposium Committee have worked hard to successfully organize a series of symposiums / workshops which are scheduled around the country throughout 2011. Here is the list of events planned for 2011 as of today’s date, which will be updated and posted on the ACBS web site as the information comes in.

March 24, 2011 – Mt. Dora, Florida – Temple of Restoration / Rejuvenation Woodworks
Manifolds, general engine maintenance & troubleshooting / Best methods for plank removal & replacement. (Registration is Closed)

April 9, 2011 – Portland, Oregon – Lake Oswego Boat Company
Mike Mayer and his crew will demonstrate deck seam repair & replacement. Re-covering a deck in canvas. Rudder technology. General engine maintenance and trouble shooting.

April 16 & 17, 2011 – Cincinnati, Ohio – The Antique Boat Center
Hands on workshop that will cover a variety of restoration techniques, breaking into smaller group sessions over 1.5 days.

August 13, 2011 – Lake George, New York – Hall’s Marina & Boat Corporation
(Details to follow)

August 19, 2011 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – The Resort Boat Shop
Plank replacement, staining, varnishing etc.

Sept 23, 2011 – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin / ACBS Annual Meeting & International Boat Show
Don Danenberg will have several demonstrations, primarily on Lapstrake plank replacement.

Oct 8 & 9, 2011 – Easton, Maryland – Dockside Restorations
Jerry LeCompte will be covering deck & plank repair, staining, varnishing, etc. Also, engine maintenance.

Oct 2011 TBA – Mound, Minnesota – Mahogany Bay
(Details to follow)

Oct 15 & 16, 2011 – Grass Valley, California – Wood Boat Restoration Shop
Just east of Sacramento – Curt Bauman will discuss plank replacement, staining and varnishing.
*This will be organized by the Northern California ACBS – Lake Tahoe Chapter.

The more exact details of these Symposiums / Workshops will be forthcoming on the ACBS web site within the next couple of weeks. To go to the web site for more information on these events, including registration costs, updates, etc. click here.

Image Courtesy of the Antique & Classic Boat Society

Woody Boater will be checking in at the workshop later this week in Florida and provide a report, and we will do our best to provide updates and reports from the other scheduled ACBS Symposiums & Workshops throughout the season. Special thanks go out to fellow Woody Boater Dick Werner for all his hard work and continued commitment to the hobby, to get these events organized. While in Tavares, we will make sure to award Dick with a package of Classic Woody Boater Weiners, or a rare Woody Boater tee shirt for his efforts.

Just think, if you attend one of the ACBS Workshops early this year, you can get those repairs done and be out on the water enjoying your boat just like Randy & Ginger aboard “OoRAH” – WooHooo!

Above photo courtesy of Robert & Linda Miracle, Miracle Photography who will also be joining us on the water at Lake Dora later this week.

Workshop photos for this story were provided by Kathy & Richard Arnold, from Rejuvenation Woodworks, in Eustis, Florida.


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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Wow. Ive got to comment. Ok stand by.
    Years ago, about 1994 I believe, I was in New Zealand’s most picturesque ski resort town in the deep south. Its a place by the name of Queenstown. I was shooting an ad. It was for Milk, although that doesn’t matter in the context of this story.
    Queenstown sits on the edge of a beautiful lake called Lake Wakatipu and a huge mountain range rises dramatically up from the lake edge.
    The Mountains are named The Remarkables.
    I was up very early and a cameraman and I were out on the only pier that reaches out into the lake.
    I was hoping to catch on film the beginning of the day in a kind of silent and private way.
    Just as we turned over the camera a lady says to her tourist husband,” I dont care what anyone says these Incredibles are really remarkable.”
    Well now I can say that that opening Miracle shot of the Coranado is Incredible, hence why I have Remarked!
    Have a great weekend away in Florida. So wish I was there. All the best to you all.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Philip – This is going to be hard to believe, but when I wrote this story I had a heck of a time chosing which photo to use, as I wanted it to reflect just what it’s like early in the morning on Lake Dora.

    When I decided to use the Century Coronado for the cover shot, I thought to myself… “I hope Philip see’s this, I know he would like it”. Looks like my instinct worked…ha

    Stay tuned Phil, we will have lots of reports from Lake Dora planned.

  3. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    The Bob Speltz Land-O-lakes chapter just had its second Winter Eucational Workshop of the season on 19 March 2011. One more to go this winter. They’ve been doing these each winter for the past 30+ years.

  4. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Can we order a DVD copy of any of these events? That would really lower the cost, while reaching a greater number of folks. Hopefully resulting in a greater number of finer restorations and well maintained craft.

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      I’ve thought of taking one of these Flip Video cameras along but in thinking of how that would turn out I doubt that it would be possible to record enough to make it interesting. I’m thinking it would take a lot of set-up and pre-planning with multiple cameras to make a presentable video of one of these. Good idea but easier said than done.

  5. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    We just had a workshop here in Austin a week ago covering steam-bending, scratch repair and tool sharpening. We only had 10-15 Southwest Chapter members but for the first time we have ever tried this, we were pleased by the interest. We will be doing it again.

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