The Best Of 2010 – On The Road

This year was the most traveled in Woody Boater history.. Texx and I seemed to be everyplace, because we were. I logged officially 40,000 miles alone in the Woody Boatermobile. Along the way certain things just keep us smiling.. Here are a few..Much more to come… MUCH more..

Signs Signs Signs.. The Mikkelson Collection
More stuff.. STUFFFFFF! The Mikkelson Collection
Very cool original Chris Craft Badge, On Wee Don at the Warner Auction
Jesus. This is one insane boat ! At the ACBS International Show In Bay Harbor

The Cozy Inn, in Salina Kansas
I was speechless, at the unveiling of the statue.
Woody’s Boathouse at Lake Arrowhead. Cool iconic place on the lake
The water of Michigan.. This is what heavens lakes look like
My Church steeple..  Algonac.
Ya had to be there..
In search of boats in odd places
The road is a fun place. A motorcycle car

La Duchesse. The mother of all houseboats. Clayton NY
New Jersey!
Now I know why we don’t have any readers in Wyoming!
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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Well, it was quite a year indeed for "on the road" WoodyBoater stories. I think it's admirable that one of the top stories included herein (although not a top 10 one) was a toilet seat related photo.

    From the Smith/Wood statue in Algonac to Bay Harbor, The Mikkelson Collection in Minn, the Le Duchesse Houseboat in Clayton to a toilet seat in NJ, WoodyBoater has it all!

    Here's to another year with all the great stories that we have learned to enjoy and respect.

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