The Best Of 2010- Top Ten Classic Boat Stories

It’s that time of year again, where we look back… wait.. no it’s not. It’s that time of year where the news plasters us with looking back stories so we look back.. So.. here at Woody Boater we get the idea.. So starting today we will go back in time.. for just year and reflect on what was outstanding for the year.. Today.. Stories.. Tomorrow, something else.. and if you have any ideas. PLEASE chime in.. I can’t recall yesterday…

So here goes.. Turn on your Wayne’s World way back machine.. These stories were judged on readership and comments..

10. My Instructions For My Funeral. This one got us some fun comments, but near the bottom my son commented.. This made the story.

9. Misery Week. This was a reader favorite..An entire week of horror stories..  In fact it started week long story themes..  What a great time we all had

8. Stuck In The USA. What A Bummer. This was a fun story from fellow Woody Boater Phil Andrew on his trip to the US.

7.  World Record Sale Of The Riva  This story was a game changer for the hobby. We were happy to report it live. Also a new game changer for Woody Boater

6. Barn Wood, The Barn Find. This story was a three parter and folks tuned in big time

5. Algonac! This entire week was an amazing week, A real eye opener and being involved in the statue dedication was a humbling experience..

4. Minnesota Museum Week.. Not sure what to call this one. But the entire Week that Texx could not leave Minnesota.. HA.. I loved it, The readers loved it.. Readers love anything Texx does.. 

3. Last Gasp Week. Another big Week.. The images were fantastic.. Huge readership that week.. Thanks to the community for contributing.. And Fellow Woody Boater Alex Watson for having the idea.

2. The Warner Auction. Jesus, this was a huge month long event. The entire world tuned in and Woody Boater was right there. Texx and I were reporting so fast that folks actually found out they had bought a boat from reading it here.. Mecum changed the hobby in one week.. Dang…

And now, the number One Story of the year.. It was a toss up between the Mecum Warner auction and this one.. But hands down, according to traffic and comments.. this one was the huge winner. The warner auction was a massive month long event. But this one in one day broke every record.. And caused ulcers across the country.. Ladies and germs…. drum roll please…

1. The Rumored Third Thayer IV The barn Find Of The Decade…. Oh god.. No comments please.. I am just now feeling calm.. I am in a good place.. mmmmmmmmm  This story brought out the best and worst in the hobby. But the fact that we were able to take all of our readers through a fun barn find..

 Thanks to all the readers and commentary.. the comments are a huge part of the reading experience. And make it a ton more fun to do. Also of note.. Texx…. All the top 5 stories had Texx involved.. When Texx writes a story, readership rises.. I suppose when you put in the time, fo
lks appreciate it.. I know I do.. 

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    How in the heck can Bay Harbor NOT be on this list?? That had to be the finest gathering of John Hacker designed boats ever assembled, not to mention all of the other great craft there… (OK, maybe not the "duck boat", but it was unique). It was much more fun than reading all those crabby Golden Pond comments.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    This was a story day. We are doing shows, Boats and boaters durring the rest of the week.. Mt Jump the gun

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