"The Estate Sale". A Drama Playing Out On eBay And On Multiple Forums.

There is an interesting drama playing out on eBay these days. Joe Bortz is selling the Estate of Donald Stevens. Don was the Mayor of Rosemont IL. that loved to collect cars, and boats. So whats the drama? Well, the seller, clearly is not watching the news. And is making it hard to look over the boats according to several forums. I am not sure about that since he has listed his phone number on the listing. Call him for sure if you are serious. One such sale on ebay for a cobra did not sell on eBay, at $61,000, And with over 4000 folks viewing it and 41 bids that tells part of the story. It was bought by a fellow from lake Hopatcong along with others. For an undiscoled amount.

These boats have been sitting around for a long time. Correctly stored, but unlike cars. Wood does not store the same way. And if you are into cars, and these boats were just another part of a “collection” Than you may not understand that small detail. DO NOT bid on any other of the boats until you see them live in person. If you are not sure, bring an expert. Even the seller says, bid what you are comfortable with…. Also now on ebay is a Silver Arrow It’ s now at $17,000. That’s a good price, but at the top right now if that boat needs restoration. Remember.. A bottom can cost $20,ooo, and that means the boat is now at $37,000. For the record you can find a nice restored one for around $40,000…. This is the big thing to keep in mind.

If you are someone that has gone to see these boats. If we are misinformed from the forums, please comment and we will be glad to update and tell more of the story. We hope to find loving homes for these boats.