The Future Of Classic Boating Speak Up. We Hear You Loud And Clear In Woodyboaterville!


Marion Alex's daughter sitting pretty and happy in Hessel on her namesake.

Yesterday was one of those days that exemplifies why we do this. And yes I had to Google exemplify. We can see traffic stats and know where, wear, were the readers come from, what time of day etc. We have had a hunch that we are reaching a younger demographic. But because of the web, not what we are talking about. We hit the nerve yesterday big time. Many new commenters , and many under the age of  30 and proud to announce it. My heart lit up each time I read the comments. Close to 100 of them, and today i am sure it will pass the 100 mark. making this the second most talked about story in Woody Boater history. It was also one of the top 3 most days of all time. We got close to 15,000 hits with around 5,000 visitors. In ONE DAY! The only one that topped it is the big gun shoot out. And there is a huge lesson to be garnered from that. Woody Boaters want to have fun with there boats. If you read all the comments, that was the general theme of the day. You are not big on judging, or shows, you want more interaction at events. And fun classic boats are the way to go. You respect the older generation for sure, but want to be included in the conversation. What was telling to us here is that in fact the older guys and gals want the same thing. The energy and passion is still alive in all of us. So we hear you all. And since  we have no board of directors other than you. We will consider yesterday an official board meeting that no one got board at!

Sandy and Marion Watson the very first day we bought our very first boat (1949, 25' Sportsman). I love the wonderment on their faces! The next photo shows the look on their faces the moment they saw the boat had been renamed Marion E . Alex Watson.

So now what? Well we want your ideas big time. We heard load and clear you want a fun event. So we are Announcing today that for 2013 we will be having the very first 5th Anniversary Woody Boater Blow out, shootout, bring your wieners gathering, party alooza. That’s right. This year we will pick a location someplace in the USof A with your help, and make it a happening. This will be your event. Think Burning Man meets Wood Stock, meets Pebble beach. A mix of fun with classic boats of all sorts of makes and quality. Events like, How many people will that boat actually hold before it sinks, Shoot outs  between similar boats of different brands. Top Gear gone boating. So bring on your ideas for a location, and events. I am thinking no judges, but referees and therapists will be on hand.  So pile on here and let us know. ROCK ON GARTH!


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    If we’re bringing the wife and kids it needs to be near a nice hotel. And even though we’ll be on the water all day an indoor pool for the kids in case of rain. If this is to be a fun family outing keep accomodations in mind.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great idea, but it will take a lot of planning and effort. Include the ACBS Chapters and National resources to give you a hand. We should be part of it anyway, as we all have a large stake in this. Most of us also like to have a good time using boats!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Hope to be able to make it. Better start varnishing now!

    If you pick a location close enough to the finger lakes, I can provide a big smoker to make BBQ for a couple hundred people. I could probably even host a meal for the crowd but dock space is limited so boating activities would have to be elsewhere.

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Great header. It would make a wonderful poster.

    WoodyBoaterPalooza sound like a don’t miss event. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  5. matt
    matt says:

    Yes. It would be. Part of the fun here is going to be picking the location. We will narrow it down and have a vote. I am thinking earlier in the summer so people are still alive with excitement instead of all burned out

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Pick a place I’ve never taken the boat to. That should narrow it down to pretty much everywhere off Long Island.

  6. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    OK, more suggestions.

    Lake Lucerne. A bit difficult to tow to, but a great town, stunning scenery and plenty of other activities in the area for visitors of all ages.

    Lac D’Annecy If Switzerland is too far, this lake at the edge of the French Alps is also a stunning place to boat.

    OK OK, I know Europe is a tough place to drive too with the price of gas and all, so…

    Lake George NY. Beutiful scenery, has the luxery accomodations Rick needs and has been a center of woody boating since the very beginning of internal combustion engines. The downside would be you would need to start booking rooms early and it may not be the cheapest place.

    Lake Marion SC. Good sized lake located between Colombia and Charelston. No where near as cool as Lake George or the Fingerlakes in NY, but that could be a plus if it is in the spring or fall where SC weather will be much more pleasent.

    Lake of the Ozarks in Missou. Can’t get much more centrally located than that.

  7. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    4 or more locations all with live feeds to each other from around the country. More locations more people, more boats, more rides for those without, more smiles.

    • ARRRGH!
      ARRRGH! says:

      Great idea . . . . thinking outside the box . . . . more boxes! But then, I would have to choose . . . ARRRGH! Back to the cask for thinking inspiration!

  8. Dennis J. Mykols
    Dennis J. Mykols says:

    Well, thanks, Matt, I didn’t get many phone calls in to my customers yesterday. I started reading all the post in the late am, and went back several times, and ended up reading the last posts around midnite! And every post was so interesting to read, even the VERY LONG ones. I glad to see most every one feels the way my wife and I do: USE THEM…
    I also am very interested in getting more interest in our hobby/lifstyle of wooed boats. That is why I started to write
    the “Classic Corner” colunm in the Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine, to reach out to plastic boaters to learn more about the current woodies and how to enjoy them. To get them to Attend various Classic events, we will be listing all the local classic boat shows in the next two issues of Scuttlebutt.
    My wife and I always love attending events that include local cruises or on water events along with the boat show itself.
    I like the idea of giving more rides to attendees of shows. The Buffalo Launch Club has a “ride for Charity” at the end of thier event, were it is like a silent acution. Owners offer up thier boat to be available for rides. People bid on what boat they want to ride in. I offered up our boat and had a great time.
    Our Water Wonderland chapter, offered rides to mentally challenged young adults last year, and to see the smiles on thier faces was great.
    Count on Ronnie and Me to help promote the 2013 WoodyBoater event any way we can…

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Printed out the replies from yesterday and I am reading through them today as I have time. Some are pretty long but interesting and insightful.

  9. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Two words (you can Google it): JOBBIE NOONER!

    Gull Island on Lake St. Clair, only this time with classic wooden boats, a family-friendly, upscale vibe, catering by The Old Club on Harsens Island, and the willing approval of local law enforcement and the USCG…it could work..!

  10. matt
    matt says:

    That is already on the list for sure. Michigan is a fave of Woody Boater. It’s drenched in classic boats that LOVE to be used.

  11. Kim Kadimik
    Kim Kadimik says:

    [img]Algonac 2010#228[/img]

    We went to Jobbie Nooner Day when we were at the Algonac show in 2010. It was alot of fun but leave the kids home this is like Mardi Gras on boats. Only wooden there but Jello shots were coming our way all day long.

  12. Jason
    Jason says:

    My vote is for Traverse City, MI – beautiful area with lots of lakes, great scenery (particularly in the Leelanau Peninsula), great eateries, and most of all, Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark for the younger generation with kiddies!

    • Jim Mersman
      Jim Mersman says:

      Make Northern Michigan a week long event and I bet the Waterwonderland Chapter would play guide (I didn’t say host)to some great boating. Different lake each day. Didn’t ask them but they do love to USE their boats. Boyne Mountain Resort just north of Traverse City is a great central hub for all things water and bad weather options. Very kid freindly.

  13. Jimmuh
    Jimmuh says:

    Distance will always be an issue….so, rotate to different locations each year. You eastern guys get to host in year one, us cowboys get to host in year 2, and so it goes…Next, Paul will host us at his lake in BC!
    And if distance precludes bringing a boat, then the locals can give rides to the out-of-towners….

  14. Rick
    Rick says:

    Hold it in Wyoming! Show them what they are all missing. Bet there would be some bloggers from there after that. You want new people involved? An entire state that doesn’t get it yet.

  15. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I can’t wait for the Kiwi’s turn to host! Leave North American winter for New Zealand summer and boating? Hell yeah!

  16. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Michigan is definitely a great state to host. The biggest problem would be choosing where, because there are so many good choices.

    • Dennis J. Mykols
      Dennis J. Mykols says:

      and TWO great ACBS chapters to as guides for some of the best cruisin waters in the world.

  17. Eric
    Eric says:

    I think a second annual Woodystock is in the making! The first was a great social gathering rallying around the Warner auction with the attention on buy/selling. The second annual would be a great venue for USING them! how about it Matt? Woodystock II posters!

  18. Dennis J. Mykols
    Dennis J. Mykols says:

    Another cool way of getting masses of people to see and dream of getting a woody some day, is put you woody boat in a local parade and have some kids ride inside, or the local boy or girl scouts. Have them throw out candy as they cruise by.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Did that a couple of times already for our High School Homecoming Parade. We had the Robotics Club display their F.I.R.S.T. robot on the engine cover with the kids in and around it.

  19. Alex
    Alex says:

    Dennis, what a great idea. Can’t recall the last time I saw a nice classic boat in the Les Cheneaux (Hessel, Cedarville) July 4th parade.

    Oh sure, we have the mandatory emergency vehicles. Plenty of classic cars. Tractors. Various floats. Miniature ponies. Shriners in mini cars. Jeepsters (more Shriners ). But not a single woody. Where’s the outrage I ask you?! One of mine will be in this year. Why not!

  20. Alex
    Alex says:

    You people have it all wrong. We start by picking a state with superb microbreweries. And lots of them.

    The rest will just fall into place.

    I vote Bells. I’m so proud of them. Makes me get all teary-eyed [sniff].

    Forget “Imported From Detroit.” How about “Imported from Kalamazoo.”

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Game over. There is no state in the country that can compete with a cold pitcher of Bell’s Oberon (the beer formerly known as Solson).

      • Bob VandeVusse
        Bob VandeVusse says:

        The release date for this years Oberon was just announced, (drum roll please) ……. March 26. Any date after that will be good for the get-together.

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          How sick is it that I just opened my calendar to ponder the logistics of driving 350 miles to get a pitcher of beer?

          When I think of the things I miss from my days in MI, Bell’s is always at the top of the list.

  21. matt
    matt says:

    Kentucky Lake is new to me, it shouldnt be. We will look into it. I do like the location and its close to music.

  22. 72 Hornet
    72 Hornet says:

    lake Okoboji, Arnolds Park would love to host the event.  Food, fun and beautiful blue water.  America’s best kept secret! Kids would love the amusement park on the water!

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