The Riva Party Continues In Italy – Photos by Casudi & Video by Faggiani

Today we received some more photos and video from the Riva Days Celebration 170/90/50 in Italy. The photos came to us courtesy of fellow Woody Boater Casudi and the YouTube video was recently posted to our Facebook page… But why go to Facebook when you can see the video right here – farm fresh today.

When you spend some time around classic Riva speed boats you quickly realize (and come to appreciate) how cool it is to ride in the “Play Pen”… or Sun Deck, I’m not sure what the official name for this is called (help me out here guys), but it’s amazing how well it works and how comfortable you feel riding in the “Play Pen” at speed.

Carlo Riva designed these boats to be used in open water and they are right at home in the chop.

Casudi notes: Below – Two of the the boats from Norway – These guys trailered their boats over two thousand miles to attend the Riva Days event in Italy.

Casudi commented in her e-mail today – “Texx – Woody Boater has a big following in Germany and Norway and Netherlands and Australia so hope those guys will get some woody boater attention:)”

Below – A rare Riva Tritone out doing what it does best…

And here’s the Riva Days 170/90/59 YouTube video we just received from Rita Faggiani in Italy via our Facebook page. This video is Pure Italy – all the way… Check it out.

[youtube width=”440″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Thanks again to Casudi and Rita Faggiani for sharing this with us today.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Really neat video. Is that second boat in the parade a Riva. I did not know they made a runabout style boat like that.

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