This Spaghetti Tastes Funny?

shhhh! This is the BEFORE SCENE.

So. I need to strain some old diesel fuel, and well. Where would one find a strainer? YA. Well. mmmm. Maybe she won’t notice. I mean I can clean the strainer after? There is no after taste from fuel, on let’s say some sort of pasta? Is there? Olive Oil, diesel fuel? Is there really a difference?

She aint saying nothing, but you are gonna get it! Been there!

Hey , its Saturday! it is Saturday? Right? Just keeping you all in the loop, so if there is no story tomorrow. YOU KNOW WHY!

Happy Header Day! Just incase I dont come back, you can reminisce through old headers just by hitting the WB logo or refresh

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Line the strainer with some cheesecloth for a better filter and into the big spaghetti pot. If you’re going to get in trouble anyway may as well raid the whole pantry.

  2. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    “Forgiveness over Permission”?????
    Uh oh, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Too many times……….she’s been on to me for too many years.
    Pre-emptive strike time: Go buy flowers now.
    At least they won’t hurt so bad when she throws those at you.
    Just sayin’ for a friend…….

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It’s a LOT cheaper and easier to buy a new strainer for shop use. BTW, diesel tastes awful and doesn’t wash off easily.

  4. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    BTW, the dish washer does a great job of cleaning a distributor cap and ignition wires. Just don’t get caught, it not pretty.

    • Dick Hansen
      Dick Hansen says:

      Did you know your wife’s jewelry cleaner works great on carb parts? Permission…highly overrated!!

  5. Darthtrader
    Darthtrader says:

    Later today it will be interesting to check back later today to see the list of sins. Fact for the day: Small metal chips from red rags washed in the washing machine will ALWAYS find their way into her delicate undergarmets done in the follow up load.

  6. RH in NY
    RH in NY says:

    Our kitchens are workshop/ garage extensions. I used a paring knife as a screwdriver for boat maintenance and snapped the tip off. Used the knife for years after but heard about it every time. Oh, also, a highly polished rosewood gourmet serrated bread knife is the perfect tool to remove a tightly wound rope from a wave runner impeller shaft.

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Along with strainers, kitchen knives, and the dish washer, she will not be impressed if you try to use her bikini (or thong panties) as dental floss. (A friend told me.)

  8. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    having been single now for many years, for me this “ain’t a problem” by now I have used all the crystal ware and china to clean paint brushes and the silver to stir.

    John in Va….. Going Boating!

  9. Mark in Ohio ( Sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio ( Sometimes da U P) says:

    I used glass measuring cups for mixing paint/thinner once. She did’nt mind, she got a new fancier stet of cups out of the deal. I had a friend heat VW heads in the oven so he could press valve guides in them. He learned that you can’t get all the oil out of the craveses of the cooling fins. No fire, just a stinking kitchen.

  10. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    You may not want to use your oven to bake on powercoating either. Leaves a distinctive taste to your brownies henceforth.

  11. Chris Caswell
    Chris Caswell says:

    Had an old diesel tank steam cleaned for use as a freshwater tank for a long yacht race. Halfway through the race, we needed the water, cracked the tank, and found it still tasted like diesel. Moral? You can make excellent dehydrated food using either gin or vodka. Nothing goes wrong for the rest of the day.

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