Tick Tock, The Holiday Shipping Clock Is Ticking…Tocking?

Santa is on his way. Seen here in New Jersey.

If you are still on the fence about getting yourself a selfish Christmas gift, today could be your last day. Might have been yesterday, but most likely it’s today, and if you want to Fed Ex it, well, since its for you, that’s kinda pathetic. but if you are trying to get a special someone else a gift.. Chop Chop! Times up! So if you are ready for a piece of art from Darrell Bush

Hurry hurry, Darrell Bush’s amazing classic boat art.

or a cool T- shirt, act now.. Now if you want a boat I bet the folks at Sierra Boat Co. Katz’s Marina  or Antique Boat Center can make it happen. Maybe Dan Nelson can restore one for you by next week? Maybe a T shirt is a better call. Free shipping for all t shirt orders over 50 bucks!

Wink wink! Come on sailor.

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  1. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Got my mellow yellow shirt ordered, hope to get it here today, or at least by Friday am, to wear to Ed Fairchild’s annual Shop Christmas Party. Darn, I forgot, most of the attendees read this site, so there goes my “surprise”…

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